Ready to start stimming!

Had my down reg appointment yesterday and was worried as I hadn't had a big bleed or experienced many side effects that i would need a little longer but thankfully all was well.

Lining was as it should be, there was a tiny cyst so I did some bloods to make sure the little thing wasn't interferring and got the call this morning that our Dr says we are good to go for my injections tonight!! eeeeek!!

All starting to feel a little real now, I have kept such a steady head so far but can feel the excitement coming with each completed stage!

Have 2 scans booked next week, one on Wednesday and another Friday so hopefully EC will be booked w/c 27th all being well!

Any advice for the injections or anything during this phase? I am doing them myself as DH is a massive wimp when it comes to all things needles & blood lol!

:) xx

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  • Yey it's all go now!! I did my buserelin injection at 11pm so I could just go to sleep straight away as it made me so tired!! 20 min and I was flat out 😴. Also I was advised to numb the area before with ice but I managed ok without. Fingers crossed for you hun, let us know how you get on at the scans xx

  • Thank you! Took your advice and numbed it before and did it just before bed and it was fine! X

  • All the best on your journey Hun!!

    I had to do my own injections to while OH stood there like a useless lump lol!! Once u get the first one out the way it does get easier

    Good luck xxx

  • lol I banished him upstairs as I think he would put me off!

    First one down, no where near as bad as I thought!

    Thank you xx

  • Hi taylor85. If you get sore, try melting an ice cube on the spot before injection, as it tends to numb the area. Good luck with it all and hope your scans are perfect. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I didn't have any ice so used frozen peas instead lol ;)

  • Fab! That will do nicely! Diane

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