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Treatment to start soon

Hi all,

So pending a scan early October, my treatment will start in Nov or Jan. The clinic doesn't do stuff in December. We have funding through the NHS due to initially a morophology issue with the hubbie.

However, when we went to our app to get all that info, I found out my AMH level was 5.5. I was told it was more of a 39 year old level then my age of 33. Therefore, our success rate was given 25-30% and means that I'll be on medication of 300units.

With the NHS I did get a FSH level of 6.8 which I was told was good.

Anyway did anyone have anything similar and you were successful?

I know we are all different and our bodies will all react differently but was just wondering.

Hope everyone is ok x

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I had an AMH of 4.7 and my consultant at the hospital wasn't positive at all. But at the clinic it was completely opposite and based on my age (I was 33 as well) I was told that despite my AMH I was looking at a success rate of about 70%.

I was also on the top dosage of the drugs and I got 6 mature eggs. I didn't think that was many but all fertilised and all were excellent quality (it really does help being under 35). I'm now just over 12 weeks pregnant from my first round of ICSI.

Fingers crossed the same happens for you!


Thank you for replying. It's great to hear a success story!

I don't understand how our success percentages are so different it's so strange x


I wonder if your consultant was just looking at results by AMH level. Most people with an AMH of about 5 will be in their 40s and therefore less likely to succeed. But our consultant said that at our clinic unless AMH is really low it makes no real difference to their success rates and age is more important. The overall success rate is really high at my clinic as well even though the average age of their patients are older than 33


It was the doctor at the fertility clinic who said it was 5.5 and more a 39year old level and so our success rate has dropped because of it?


My amh was 4. 7 and I am 38. Nobody seemed overly concerned at hospital yet I came home and googled like mad and asked about it on another appointment and again nobody seemed overly concerned so I am trying to stay calm. I guess we wouldn't have been accepted for treatment if it was really bad. Try to stay positive I keep telling myself it is quality over quantity mind you am nervous about egg removal likely next week😯hopefully I am still positive after results of that xx

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Thank you all you've said is true. Hopefully, as you've said the eggs will be ok.

I hope your removal goes ok xxx

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My AMH is about 5.5 too and I'm 38. I went on gonal 225 for two cycles of ICSI and was told success rate was 30%.

Both cycles worked for me despite those odds although the first sadly ended in miscarriage. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant.

I held the 30% over myself as a voice of doom, but remember everyone is so different.

Wishing you lots of luck with your cycle xx

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Hi daisy thank you for this. That's positive news. Sorry about miscarriage I couldn't comprehend that but congrats on baby.

Yes I think I have to not focus on the % xxx


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