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Period after bursellin injection

Hi ladies just looking or some advice, I had started my period on Sunday which was 10 days after taking bursellin injections and I stopped my period on Tuesday, so the period was short. But since yesterday I have had a lot of discharge mixed with blood. Sorry for tmi! Is this normal? I have my scan booked for tomorrow so hoping I can start stimming. Thank you xx

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Hey, I had very similar on buseralin my period went on for a while with just brown spotting etc and was still spotting when they scanned me they said that was all normal so hopefully you have nothing to worry about, good luck with starting stims :) x


Thank you for your reply :) hopefully all goes well tomorrow. Good luck for your two week wait!! Xxx


HI NDE1987 you've made it through to your period, thats great hun. Hows it been on the Bursellin? I start on Thursday next week!


Hi Anna! How are you? I did indeed start my period on Sunday :) yahh lol. The injections havent been bad at all. I hav got used to them and my husband has got so quick at doing them lol. I had a melt down on ssaturday but had a good cry and got it out of my system. But other than that it's ok. How are you feeling? I have my first scan tomorrow let's see what they say! Xx


Ahhh so glad to hear you have found them ok. I think the crying and mini meltdown sounds like something that could happen in a normal month to be honest. I often have a good cry, esp around "that time of the month"

Honestly glad to hear that the injections are ok as I had been worried but it seems I needn't be :-) I am still trying this month even though we start treatment soon as you never know ;-)

Keep us updated with your first scan... all exciting now as not long to go with it all. Where are you having your treatment again?

All the best hun



Aww thanks you! I did feel like a loser on the weekend I felt like I couldn't stop crying! And it was over nothing loll. In happy I have an understand husband lol. I find out tomorrow when I start stimming and my egg collection dates etc! Dosent feel real tbh! After all this waiting I don't feel like I am going through ivf. I have kept busy and stop googling loadss as I was doing when I first found out. I bet your excited to start your injection! Don't worry about there really really easy to do and they don't hurt. You feel a sting as the medicine goes in but it's painless the more you do it. Xx


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