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No period and meant to start injections


No period and start injections tomorrow. I have taking norethisterone for a week and stopped on Friday. I’m meant to start my injections tomorrow but I think I meant to have a bleed which hasn’t happened. Does anyone know what will happen now ? I’ve got an appointment today for injection technique so I’m sure they’ll tell me then but I’d like to be prepared.

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I think I am maybe on a similar protocol to you. I took norethisterone stopped last sunday but i didn't get a bleed until thursday evening so don't write yourself off too soon, AF may be on her way. My protocol said if I didn't get a bleed after 5 days I was to phone the clinic and they would give me a different combination of tablets to force a bleed. I'm sure your clinic will be able to put your mind at rest today. I didn't start injections until 3 days after my bleed but I am on short protocol IVF so I go straight into stimming.

Good luck!


ST25AA in reply to EmGLA

Aw thanks for the reply ! That’s put me at ease a bit. I was thinking it might delayed another month !! Hopefully she arrives soon. Good luck in your journey too.

EmGLA in reply to ST25AA

I was there last Thursday so I completely understand! I didn't feel that I was going to get a period, no cramps etc but I guess that's because it isn't a real period...

Anyway, I'm glad I was able to ease your worry a little!

Thanks for the luck! def need all I can get!


ST25AA in reply to EmGLA

Every so often I feel like it’s coming on but it’s not. So annoying. Xxxx

My period delayed for 18 days and then I called the clinic. They called me in for a scan, they found everything normal and couldn’t find the reason. So the nurse thought of Northisterone but then finally after discussing with other nurse, prescribed Provera.I came back home, later she called me and said to take pill and told me that she has cancelled my cycle. So they wanted to shut down and restart my system. That was her words.

Not sure what they will decide in your case. But Good luck. I hope things work out for you without delaying.

ST25AA in reply to Dream76

I hope they don’t delay it. I feel like I’m be been waiting forever but I suppose they will do what is best. Thanks for the reply !!

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