High FSH, High AMH and good AFC??

have a few questions that I cannot research the answers for nor can anyone give me.

I am 29. My fsh has been 10.1 and most recently 9.7. My amh is 3.97 my afc is 15+ on one ovary and 8-9 on the other.my estradiol level was 45

my prolactin was 10.9

my LH was 11.1

My husband and I unsuccessfully tried for a year to inseminate ourselves due to his inability to ejaculate during intercourse. Our first IUI in march was successful, however it ended at 10 weeks with a d&c due to a blighted ovum.

I have done 3 unmedicated iuis and one with clomid after my miscarriage and they were all unsuccessful. I believe that most were bad timing. I used to smoke when I was younger, about 6 cigarettes per day. The past few years, I smoked maybe one per day until the past few months when I quit. Do you think that could be the cause of my fsh being high and possibly indicating that I have poor quality eggs even though I have a lot? My husband and I are looking into ivf in January if our next 2 iuis are unsuccessful.

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  • Hi I am sorry to hear ur difficulties I too have high fsh was 10 then up to 40, my amh is very low 1.9 and I have never been a smoker so I hope that helps u. I have started ivf and now on my stims which are not going too well. I wish u luck xxxx

  • Do you know how many follicles you had.

  • hi,just to let you know i'm thinking of you during your ivf journey n keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you so much

  • Hi, I too had fsh of 10.8 during that ivf cycle I ended up with just 1 egg to transfer, but our baby was found to have a genetic problem so we had to terminate at 14 weeks, 2ns cycle my fsh was 9.7 and we had 15 eggs as they adjusted the drugs that cycle, we had twins but found they had same genetic problem so has to terminate again. My husband and I carry the genetic issue is this wasn't related to egg quality. Although no eggs made it to freeze so think quality is a bit if an issue too. I too have been a smoker, in fact during these tough times I have been again.... What I'm saying though is ivf is still an option for you and you could still yield some good quality eggs as long as the drugs are right for you, this can be a bit of trial an error it seems. Goodly k with your next steps, stopping smoking will only help and it's possible to improve egg quality so sure thus will help. I'm also trying to lose weight as my bmi is boarder line, this can help with egg quality (if over weight). Remember it only takes one good egg and you have age on your side x

  • Do you know how many follicles that you had. I just don't understand why my fsh is borderline if my follicle count and amh are so good.

  • Sorry for typos - I'm on phone!! *goodly k = good luck!!

  • I always had between 10-15 on each ovary, they always said I had a good crop! But lots of eggs can indicate polysistic ovarian syndrome which can mean poorer egg quality. I'm no expert mind! I did read somewhere that fsh isn't the be all and end all, afc is more telling as is how you react to the stimulation drugs...

  • This is the hardest thing that I have been through. I should be preparing for a baby, I was due Dec 7th. I am 29 and way ready to start a family. It's hard not to turn to smoking when you're so down and out. My husband has an ejaculation issue so we're unable to try on our own which is hard. I just had an IUI yesterday and i'm pretty sure that i'm ovulating today. UGH!

  • Feel for you it's horrible. We've been on this journey since we got married 3 yrs ago, can't conceive on our own as I've blocked tubes from an operation when I was little. At 31yrs ALL of my friends are having babies, it's so hard to deal with :( you are on the right path though and have lots on your side, this might be your lucky cycle if it isn't you still have options - I cling onto that and it's what keeps me going.... By rights I should have a 1 yr old or be 7 months pregnant by now :( life isn't fair is it x

  • It certainly isn't. My best friend and I were due 2 days apart. She is still pregnant ( for which I am happy and thankful) but sometimes it's just so hard. You're still so young and that's what the drs keep telling me. My heart breaks for any women experiencing this pain. We have been on this journey for over 2 years so I can completely understand any frustration. I will definitely pray for you and hope for the best for both of us.

    Also, just a random comment:

    I am small, my bmi is 19. I squeeze 1/2 a lemon in a glass of room temp water and drink it first thing in the morning. The benefits are amazing! It also helps with digestion and weight loss.

  • That's tough - want to be there for your friend yet it's so hard I bet. Thank you, I will do the same :) hopefully someone up there will be listening to us! I like the lemon water idea and I will definitely try that for sure - thank you xx

  • :)

  • Hi I have only one ovary working and the other has only ever had two follicles at this moment I don't have any during my stimms, go back on Friday to see if there r any changes. Ivf is a good option if u get the chance for us it's our last chance. What I have been told is that ur fsh fluctuates every month and its an indicator that the process of ovulation is not working properly, hopefully for u it means that since ur ovarian reserve is good then it will be a better chance for u. Good luck xx

  • Thank you so much. Good luck to you as well!

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