High FSH, low AMH- any hope?

Hello everyone, this is my first time on here and hoping someone can give me hope and advice to conceive again (daughter conceived using Clomid two years ago). Have just found out I have ridiculous level for FSH (55!!!) and AMH is less than 1.1. I'm distraught at the thought of nit being able to give my daughter a sibling but totally know how lucky I am to have her. I have been turned away by several IVF clinics but am hoping to find somewhere that will give me a try. I'm also having acupuncture and trying with my diet. I'm 36 and really struggling with the thought that my body is menopausal already. I have more love to give and hope I've got that one last egg... can't think about egg donation at present, if ever.

Thanks for reading and fingers crossed for everyone on here.


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  • Gosh. That is high. Mine was considered high at 18! My AMH was lower than yours though @ 0.4. I had low quantity and low quality eggs.

    Sorry you're struggling to find a clinic. I've seen women on here get pregnant with problems like ours; so there's always hope xx

  • At the last test mine was FSH 20, AMH 4 and the consultant was so negative I could bet that was why my 1st round didn't work (I wish...lol). They haven't even bothered to do the tests this time (I guess because we've gone private). Are you private? There's a clinic in London that does natural cycle (not sure that's the actual name they call it but I can PM you their name if you want). Good luck! xxx

  • Hi Me08, thanks for your reply and yes, I'll be private. I've contacted Create in Birmingham who have said they would see me and they also do some sort of natural and mild ivf which I'm wondering might be the same as you suggest? However, with numbers like mine I fear I'll need the strongest drugs possible. If you have the name of the place in London, that'd be great. Thank you. Are you currently using this place in London? Fingers crossed for you if so, xx

  • Yeah I was referring to Create but I didn't want to type the name as it is usually frowned up on this site. I was going to go with them but it's a 2hrs drive from me which isn't practical. So I have gone with a private clinic local to me. Thanks and all the best to you x

  • Hi Mannjj43. Not good results I'm afraid. However, by trying a mild IVF, you would not achieve great results, maybe 2-3 eggs, but usually they "want" to come out, rather than being "forced" out. However, this may not be possible due to your hormone levels, and your clinic may suggest you try using an egg donor. I wish you well with whatever decision you make. Diane

  • I don't know how high fsh is alarmingly enough. But mine was found to b 22 in one month and dr said I'm menopausal and I should give up d idea with my own eggs and start donor egg. And I'm still struggling but I know I. D end ill have to come to terms with d truth and move on . So if u feel not confident I would advise taking second opinion and then decide accordingly.

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