Low AMH and high FSH - Hospital refused to put me forward for NHS funding

Hi all,

I have had a few too many things to juggle in the past few weeks (had a 2nd lap and now NHS refusing to fund IVF because of high FSH and low AMH). They are suggesting donor egg but I am struggling to get my head around that and would like to give my own eggs a shot or as many shots as possible.

My question is, has anyone gone on to be pregnant with their own egg even though they have low AMH and high FSH? At this rate, we may need to go private but I would like to know what ways others have taken to have successful pregnancies - thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, sorry to hear that your ccg is refusing funding - this system is really unfair. I have really poor levels too but I am very lucky and was accepted. Even with low levels you can always improve quality - so go with what your heart tells you x

  • thanks Nutley, how low/high are you? I am AMH=4 & FSH=20

  • Hi, mine is amh 4.5 and fsh 10. As tlove says you could try and see what happens - you only need one good egg. If you decide to go for it its good to ask clincs their policy on egg collection - mine will still go fwd if there is only 2 follicles but some would cancel the treatment at just 2 x

  • Nutley, thanks I will x

  • Did they scan you to check follicle count? My amh was less than 3 and fsh was a little outside the range. When they scanned at initial consultation prior to any treatment, I had 5 follicles. Eventually I ended up with 2 blastocyst out of 4 eggs collected. I was lucky and I'm 24 weeks with twins after one cycle as a result. I was on a fairly high dose of the meds from the start. It's all a bit of a numbers game and a gamble really, you just don't know what could happen. But if you think you'd regret not using your own eggs, then you should probably go for it. I heard about a clinic in Belfast now offering 3 cycles or your money back if unsuccessful, don't know if anywhere else offers this but could be worth considering.

  • Really disheartening! though the fertility consultant said she will like to arrange a scan for me. She wants me to do FSH test again. Oh sorry I just realised my title says 'NHS refusal' it was the consultant that said they had an internal meeting and they will not be putting me forward for consideration.

    Your situation is really encouraging (thanks), I just want a chance to use my own eggs, am I asking for too much???

  • No, I was the same. I'd gone in prepared for the worst, having googled amh and donor eggs but the consultant was extremely encouraging. He laughed when I said I'd looked into donor eggs and he didn't want to mess around with IUI or other techniques so recommended IVF. I'd had 3 early miscarriages so implantation wasn't my issue and I felt that IVF was a good option because it's so controlled. They know if the embryos are good or not, which you obviously can't control if getting pregnant naturally. If I had only 1 egg at collection date they would have done IUI, so there seem to be options even if you don't respond well. Actually, only 1 ovary responded for me so I wouldn't say I responded brilliantly but it was enough. The max gonal f they can put you on is 450IU, I was on 375IU. So I suppose just make sure they start you quite high on this to help you respond. It's worth getting scanned and discussing again with them. 

    FSH isn't the most reliable test from what I've heard. It's really relying on your cycle being 28 days and my clinic didn't even use my results in the end because  cycles were shortening. This was another indicator for me to go for IVF, btw, as it also indicates diminished reserve.

  • I will tell her that again the next time I see her. I wish I had your consultant, mine is so negative (I would have thought as a woman she will be more sympathetic) :(

    She is really pushing me towards donor egg but I want to give my own eggs a go at least once. Thanks for all the info you provided, I will be sure to suggest them the next time I meet with her x

  • If you message the nurse on here, Diane Arnold, I think she has a list of questions she can email you. I've seen her post that up a few times.

    I'm in Ireland, so no nhs option here. I had to go private, maybe this is why he was more willing to give it a go. I was referred to the top consultant in the clinic I went to but after the first meeting with him I didn't see him again!

  • I will send her a message, thanks Tlove 

  • Maybe look into dhea supplement to improve quality x it worked for me

  • Samrakkar, I can give it a go, I'll read up on it. Thanks x

  • I had very similar FSH/AMH to you. When I was tested again FSH can down from 18 to 14. We had very long chats with our consultant about egg donation. With such small chances of IVF working she wanted to give us the option. I had to try with my own eggs. I couldn't comprehend not. If I don't get yo egg collection then it's not classed as a free cycle and then we'll discuss our next route. 

    We start our journey in May/June with a short protocol and max gonal F. V nervous at the thought it won't work and worried how they'll start when my periods are all over the show. But we're just going for it. x

  • Meant to say... Ask to discuss again when FSH comes back. Or look at transferring hospitals? I didn't even know this was an option open to us.

  • emu2016, oh I didn't know I could do that! Good to know, thanks, I will tell her at my next consultation (whenever that it). I wish you the very best, I'll be sure to follow you to get updates so I can keep pressuring the hospital with relevant information.

  • Well, I don't know if you can do it at all hospitals. But I didn't know I could. I could have asked me GP to refer me elsewhere or ask my consultant to transfer me. As it is; despite having that option I have chosen to stay even if the alternative is considered better on some counts. It's really important for me to be with a Dr who knows me, knows us and how emotional I am! Good luck. I'm following you too :) x

  • Hi me08. Just read your post as been off for a few days.  I think your main problem is your very high FSH level. It may be possible to have a go with your own eggs, but it would be very difficult to do so. The CCG has to be seen to distribute their money as best as they can, so look to spend on patients with normal FSH. You could always try and appeal against the decision, always worth a go. If you email me at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send you the list of questions mentioned when I get back on Wednesday. Diane

  • Hi Diane, I have just emailed you and look forward to hearing from you - thanks

  • Hi.  All done!  Sorry for the delay, as I have had serious computer problems - been a nightmare!  Diane

  • Hi All, I have Stage 4 endometriosis and i was told that i would not be able to conceive naturally but with my condition i would get nhs ivf. 

    So i pursued this but the gp said my FSH levels were too high and so it would mean i would be rejected. She has suggested I pay for an AMH test which would give me an idea of my egg reserves.

    If i get turned down for nhs ivf with my eggs can i get nhs ivf with donor eggs? Can i choose?

    Thanks everyone x

  • Hi,

    I have low amh and had one failed cycle and starting another soon and yes you can op to have NHS IVF using donor eggs x

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