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Movicol vs Laxido vs Cosmocol

My son was first prescribed movicol 22 months ago when he was constipated and then followed with holding. About 10 months ago when putting in my repeat prescription we were given Laxido and told it was the same anyway. In the time he was taking Laxido, tummy ache was more frequent and I struggled to get him to drink it so we were again given movicol. Then 2 weeks ago he was prescribed cosmocol (on repeat with no consultation that it was being changed)

I have had a battle with the surgery receptionist to get her to get the doctor to prescribe movicol. Twice in the last two weeks she has given me cosmocol which my son will not drink (it smells different to me) Even though I asked for a call back from the doctor she has communicated with me by getting the receptionist to ring me, and to tell me to add squash (which I of course do anyway). Finally today she seems to of relented and done me a prescription for movicol. Unfortunately while all of this has been going on my son hasn't had anything and is now feeling pretty rotten :(

Has anyone else had trouble getting movicol? Do they all taste different or is my son being difficult? My guess is that it's probably a cost thing.

Sorry for the rant, thanks x

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Movicol is the more expensive version of the other two. Yes they are all part of the same groups of medicines and do the same thing. However I found Cosmocol was less effective for my son. I told his consultant who wrote a letter to my GP saying all his repeat prescriptions must be movicol. Yesterday I went to the chemist to pick up his prescription and they had given him Cosmocol again, even though the sticker said movicol. I had a moan explained this shouldn’t be happening and they changed it back. He agreeded it is the cheaper version. I’m all for the nhs saving money where they can, but not at the detriment of my sons health (cosmocol definetly didn’t work as well as movicol for my son.) Maybe worth going back to GP and having a chat with him/her?

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I now feel at a complete loss with the gp to be honest. Had a letter today that the peadtrician had written to them and apparently they can't do anything more. Just being referred to the school nurse.


Movicol has all my son has been given I've been told it's the best but he is just stubborn. He had lactose and and of before he saw consultant and GP never prescribed anything else.. I'm new to rhis so have no experience I've tasted movicol in squash and milkshake and can't state it. Lactose I agree is horrible. I think there's a different approach between how GP's prescribe and consultants do.


If you ever need movicol, you can buy it from large pharmacies in packs of adult sachets. They are just a double dose - so make it with 215ml of water and store half in the fridge if your child is on one a day, if not you might just use the whole sachet.

You might need to not mention it is for a child (as they probably aren't allowed to give it without prescription) but the pharmacist in my case even told me it is the same powder!

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I had thought about the adult one but wasn't sure about the difference so that's good to know, thanks :)


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