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Laxido - movicol


A short quick question,

Is Movicol and laxido peadatrician exactly the same. Or possibly slightly different. My daughter's been on movicol for years no issue. There was a manufacturing problem so she had to change onto laxido. Since then she's had awful stomachs cramps/ possible wind. Could it be the change onto laxido? I'm unsure if there exactly the same. Any help very welcome. Me and the gp are trying to rule things out and this started around the time of her going onto the laxido!

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Hi - in theory, yes, they are exactly the same. Same composition of ingredients. However, I ended up researching this earlier in the year when we were switched for the same reason and my daughter went from a fairly well-managed constipation to being all over the place again, within days of the change. I found a few descriptions online of differences, including the symptoms you describe as well as a small number of ‘reports’ from parents that laxido is less effective. However, for balance I should say that the vast majority of what I read said that most people found no difference.

Our pharmacy have kindly agreed to prioritise us for movicol now but it took a call from our continence nurse to achieve this - she said that in the absence of any other obvious cause we should assume it is the brand difference.

Hi ,my daughter got moved on to Laxido from movicol as it's cheaper for the NHS .The Laxido was horrendous ,causing terrible cramps ,constant diarrhea for 2 weeks after stopping using it , extremely loud gurgling stomach ,had none of this with movicol ,my daughter has severe learning difficulties and can't tell me how she feels to make matters worse and I was cleaning her up every half an hour .Having studied the ingredient after been told they are the same ,I discovered that one ingredient is different and it's the bicarbonate ,it's in two different forms .I told my doctor and he was very good and changed her back to movacol ,hope this helps x

Your both amazing for replying. Thank you for one. I'm just so confused she's Been on movicol for years, no issues like this. The moment she's been on laxido exactly the same sytoms. Gurgling stomach , trapped wind. Struggles when eating , she says her mouth hurts to which I think indigestion/ reflux ... It's never been like this so I'm confused but it's literally awful every day. We've ruled other things out slightly but I no it's something to do with the laxido, well I think. The GP is calling me this afternoon , massive fingers crossed that it's just the laxido causing the problems and going back on movicol will solve it , you've gave me some hope thank you!


Hi my chemist gave me laxido I queried it they said it's the same as paediatric movicol but cheaper brand!! My son didn't notice any different. However when we were given Cosmo col...... something like that he said it was horrible tasted and smelt I got movicol back . Ask for chocolate flavour.


My son has been taking chocolate paediatric movicol over 2 years

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