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Movicol experiences

My 7 year old daughter has been suffering with poo and wee accidents for over 2 years now. Recently she has been getting upset when she realises she has had a poop accident in her pants, I'm guessing she is getting older and more aware. She has been on one dose movicol every other day but always having accidents. We have been back and forth seeing doctors and paediatricians and have finally been given a plan. This involves a 5 day increase in movicol, the last day her having 8 sachets.

I was just wondering if anyone has been through this and what to expect!!! (I am apprehensive but really hope this works for my little girl)

Thank you 😊

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Hi. The schedule you've been given to clear her out is very common. She will need to be time off of school for this as I becomes a little messy as the dose increases. Keep sitting regularly during the day as the dose increases she will find it difficult to hold on to the poo but sitting in between times will help. I know she's 7 but just in case get some bum cream or vasaline as the poo that has been stuck can be acidic and will smell particularly bad.

Keep the fluids up as it will help flush the bowls. There will be accidents so be prepped with extra underwear in case you need to throw some away.

Keep in touch, so many of us have been through this. Best wishes


Thank you so much for the reply, your comments are very useful!! 😊


So now we have completed the 'plan' having done the week upping the movicol over a number of days. She did poo, lots ! , but no huge explosion I was imagining!

So, a few weeks on and the doctor is pleased with her progress. She is on 2 sachets of movicol plus 15mls of Sennokot at bedtime.

The last 5 days have resulted in more pooy pants πŸ™, wet pants and generally things seem worse? My daughter does poop, and her stools are very soft (no pain/discomfort), however for the first time today after pooing she told me her tummy hurt. I'm now worried bout the Sennokot and wondering why still having poop accidents in her pants πŸ™.

Any advice greatly received!!


Yes we've done disimpaction for our daughter. My advice....stay home and near a loo! Keep spare clean clothes handy, and keep her drinking. Good luck!


Thank you for your advice 😊


Apache21 did it work ?? We are doing this on tues 11th july so paeds said as we go hols tomoro wait till we are back.

Our son has suffered for 3 years due to be attacked by a dog ... he has just turned 7 😒


Hi Stephannie Yes it worked to clear her out. Our problem is possibly that she was constipated for so long and withheld her stools that her rectum has expanded and she cant feel herself soiling.


Yes thats same for us. So pellets all the time literally falling out clothes 😒.

Hope it works for us !



yes noone told me to stay at home so my poor daughter went through it a bit at school until i realised how bad it was.

we never went past 3 a day though but she is only 4 and quite small.


Hi Lisa, I don't have any advice about Movicol, but wondered if your daughter would be interested in the book A Girl Like You, which is designed to reassure girls aged 6 to 12 that they are not alone in having poo accidents and can, with help, overcome them:



Thank you, will have a look πŸ™‚


We've been through this it does work they need to go on a maintenance dose after my daughter is on 1 movicol a day to keep things soft and we are getting there, she's getting the feeling back. It takes time but you'll get there x


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