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Movicol and other meds

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Hi, my 4year old has had pooing issues since she was weaned, she's had lactoluse, plain movicol which she hates, I've tried adding juices, milkshakes etc but she tastes it all the time, she's had chocolate one and won't drink it. She's had senna etc to clear her out so now I have a constant fight on my hands trying to get her to take anything! Just looking for any advise or tips please

11 Replies
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That's really difficult. I used to add milk and nesquick and that worked but you've already tried that. Just wanted to add my sympathy!

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I've heard that chilling it in the fridge can make it more palatable?

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Jo31 in reply to Becky1981

I've tried that too! 😕

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You have my utmost empathy Jo31. My son never used to like taking Senakot but he's been on it for over a year now and doesn't bother about it. He used to hate it at first though.

How about encouraging your daughter with a 'treat' whether it be some television or something she really enjoys. Perhaps a sweet or some time playing games on your mobile phone. A sticker chart and then at the end of the week she gets to chose what she would like to do if she's taken her medicine every day.

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Georgina1475 in reply to Alicass

I've seen that plain movical can be made into jellies.

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And ice lollies. It was in Mums net a while ago but worth checking out.

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Yes this does work I did it last Summer, so will start it again but couldn't always get the quantity she needed into her

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Jo31 in reply to Georgina1475

I tried that but She doesn't like jelly ...

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Jo31 in reply to Alicass

Thankyou we have the sticker chart and try the treats all the bribes we can these can work some of the time with the flush out medicine, but I just wish I could get her to take the movicol for everyday! Then we could get some normality

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If she likes fruit shoots try adding the powder to the fruit shoot and putting the lid back on then chill it. Lots of children don't realise what you have done, you can also do it with Capri Sun if you get a little syringe from the chemist, draw out some of the capris sun, mix with powder and put back in carton. Then put the straw in.

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Jo31 in reply to FranAdam

Thankyou I've tried fruit shoots it's got to the point that in the house she literally will only drink water which isn't a bad thing but I can't sneak any into that

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