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Movicol tastes DISGUSTING!!!

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My almost 6 year old son has been switched from osmolax to movicol and he absolutely hates it!!! We are on day 2 of disimpaction and it’s been a nightmare to get him to drink half of the required 6 sachets. I’ve mixed it with cordial and he still won’t drink it. What else can I do? I know it says you can mix with juice but I reckon once he gets to the 12 sachet doses that’s just too much juice for his little body and cordial of course. Has anybody got any tricks to make it a bit nicer?

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Hi Mandy my daughter is 9yrs she takes a sachet of paediatric movicol plain. It is tasteless, my daughter only drinks water never juice.. Are you able to get plain? We are in Jersey Channel Islands

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Mandy7 in reply to Sharonjsy

Yeah they did have plain but I already bought a box each of the lemon lime and chocolate flavours coz that’s what he picked

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Sharonjsy in reply to Mandy7

Shame, best to get plain and he will just thinks its water x

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Turquoise3 in reply to Sharonjsy

Hello, I'm new to this site and have just posted my first message about this question. My child takes laxido (plain). But it turns the water thick when mixed which he doesn't like. If topped up with orange juice he'll drink it (eventually!) The mind boggles as to how I'll get him to take 12 sachets of the stuff if it comes to following the disimpacting process.

Yes well that’s what the osmolax was like but he wanted the flavour ones this time

Hi, will he drink milkshake? My son has chocolate flavoured movicol mixed with chocolate milkshake and that works for us. 😊

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Mandy7 in reply to Lynsayb73

Not a bad idea I’ll try that tomorrow but I’m think by the end of the disimpaction he’ll be having a litre so I reckon 1 litre of milk may be lil much lol

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Jellylorum in reply to Mandy7

We do this too! I mix Movicol plain with the recommended amount of water, then add a little bit of milk and some chocolate Nesquik powder. My son is happy to drink it, though he will only have the plain Movicol with it (if I try this with the chocolate flavour Movicol he complains about the taste).

I should also add that although my son has just turned four I have to feed the Movicol to him a bit at a time through a 5ml Calpol dropper - he won't drink it from a glass! It's a bit of a pain, especially when we've had to do disimpactions, but it's part of our routine now. I make the day's Movicol up in the morning in a Pyrex measuring jug and give it to him over 2-4 doses (depending on how much he has to have that day). He's allowed to watch Thomas & Friends videos on YouTube whilst I feed it to him so I think he's decided it's a fair trade! I keep the rest of the made up Movicol in the fridge until we're ready to give it. I've heard some people say that having it cold makes it taste less horrid too but my son doesn't seem to notice the difference.

We found that making sure it was freezing cold then adding strong cordial and then drinking through a straw made it earlier to stomach. We only used plain as my lad hated chocolate flavour

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Mandy7 in reply to Nicky555

Is comedian cordial? Lol

Same. We have plain and mix it with juice. Pure juice like Apple or orange in mornings. Cordial at dinner time x

Wish I’d know this before I bought to boxes of it!! 😭😭

Orange juice worked well for us but as you say, too much when you’re having a lot of sachets a day. My 3 year old is happy to have it in milk - it still doesn’t taste great but it’s fairly well disguised and he got to the point where I think he thought that’s what milk is supposed to taste like! The other thing to try is mixing it up in a bit of yogurt? We did that sometimes too. We use plain but to be honest, I think it tastes just as awful - definitely not tasteless!

Good luck, it’s tough but so worth it once the disimpaction is done

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