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Pelvic Pain - could be your ligaments!



About 5 weeks ago I thought I had slipped a disc in my back but turns out it was the Sacro-iliac joint. This happens when the ligaments in the Pelvis are weakened. My physio said this was probably caused by my lap a year ago what with Endo tissue being extracted from some of the muscles in my pelvis. After the lap, it took me a long while to feel comfortable walking at a normal pace but apparently I put too much weight into one side (this could have also been pre-lap pain) and its put my pelvis out of alignment! Hence one Saturday leaning over to pick up a book I was stuck in one position for 3 hours :(

Have any of you ladies also suffered this? The pain at first was horrific exactly like a slipped disc. Luckily I'm getting much better but it got me thinking that perhaps after any kind of abdominal surgery patients like us should be given physic to build up our pelvic muscles up or if some of you are pre-lap then perhaps back/pelvic pain might also be because of the sacroiliac joint? Hormones have a lot to do with the elasticity of muscles and depending where we are in our cycles, the ligaments can be more slack. Might be worth bringing up with your GP or consultant maybe?

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see i have this to ive got all sorts of lumps and bumps in my lumbar area and my hips are terible but i have hyper mobility syndrome aswell and that affects all the ligaments and tendons aswell makes them exstra strechy lol and my MHS is alot worse around my cycle! x

Have just been told I have Endo deposits on my uterosacral ligaments. x

when you have your lap hun might be worth trying some physio when you are strong enough after. Seems like that's where I went wrong or some gentle pilates. I had endo in the same place. The coil or continuous pill will help keep the hormones level (so i was told) so this might help too xx

I have had the exact same thing in terms of pelvic misalignment. Ive just had 6 months of physio to correct this, and now i have problems with my knee, leg and foot on that side. its messed up all my insides and i have had since so many problems with bladder and bowel. apparently when ur pelvic floor is wonky and messed up it can cause so many different problems xx

I also have HMS as you know :) My physio also told me I wasn't using any of my pelvic core muscles which is causing a lot of my pelvic and back pain. My pelvis has been like this since giving birth to my son nearly 6 years ago. Thanks for this post hun x

I also have this, really interested to know as much as possibly and how I can help things improve. At the minute I've constant pelvic pains :(

Just found out my pelvis and hip are wonky...needs realignment...have endo, thinking about trying for a baby, told my back needs sorting first, plus I have loads on my risk of miscarriage increased due to endo which popped up on a recent google search I did when searching endo and pregnancy (daunting stuff)...sometimes it's like the odd keep stacking up against me...

But I do remain light hearted and positive...particularly around my wonky ness lol

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