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Sciatic/pelvic/leg pain with endo?

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Does anyone else suffer with lower pelvis/groin/ leg pain with endometriosis? Its hard to describe other than saying that its a deep pain drawing down from my pelvis into my legs. Even in my feet at times also. I have twitching muscles in my legs often and in my pelvis like a popping sensation- as if someone is popping bubble wrap. This pain is on a cycle guaranteed around my period. Ovulation is also very painful- my entire trunk hurts and i get doubled over with the worst trapped wind type pain ever! At least 2-3 weeks of every month these pains are bad. Often more.

Getting nowhere fast waiting for "urgent" lap on nhs. At least my consultant there believed me. As did consultant at london womens clinic who unfortunately dont perform laperoscopies. Went for provate consultation through works insurance yesterday and was made to feel like a total idiot. He said he had never seen this sort of pain with endo and that it was muscular skeletal in his view. I have already had this ruled out by a physio! GP just pumps me full of painkillers. Going round in circles. In so much pain its debilitating. Would be very interested to hear from anyone who had same sort of pain confirmed as endo.

11 Replies
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Hi Netti,

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering.

You might find our endometriosis information pack a useful read:

Leg pain can be a symptom of endometriosis. I myself suffer with leg pain and a sensation like a dragging down of the upper thigh which was caused by endometriosis on different ligaments in the abdomen but everyone's symptoms are different and someone people have no symptoms at all.

You may not already be aware but we also run local support groups as well as our helpline if you ever need anyone to talk to who has experience of what you are going through:

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

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Netti451 in reply to MMary-Moderator

Thank you Mary much appreciated.

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Hi I randomly got leg pain during the festive period , I was in. Soo much pain , I had to go my local A&E hospital I was diagnosed with siataca , I went to docs when they opened from festive period , she started me Amitriptyline I still had the pain a few days but then I’ve never had it since I had ran out of Amitriptyline over the weekend and my leg pain appeared I then picked up my prescription on Monday as soon as I took my Amitriptyline pain was gone... the only down side they are addictive but I’ve been on my painkillers for months so after my lap and cystoscopy I’m hoping I will reduce the dose n come off them gradually , maybe speak to your Gp about this painkiller xx

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Netti451 in reply to LolaLo3

Hi Lola. Thanks for the reply. I have painkillers but also worried about the addiction side. Also can only take so much and still function in work and drive etc. To take enough to reduce the pain i often end up appearing drunk and falling asleep which obviously means i can go to work....

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Hi Netti,

so sorry to hear that.

In my opinion, you should go to a better private consultant. Leg, thigh, groin pains are very common with endometriosis and mostly with endometrioma cysts in ovaries!! I had exactly the same.

Please go and see someone professional and look for reviews online first perhaps.

I’ll definitely have a Laparoscopy to get a diagnosis asap.

Best of luck and take care xx

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I get pain in my groin and down my legs like stabbing in my groin and then pain going through my legs i was doubled over a few days after ovulating the only way i can describe it when its really bad is like i have a knife in my groin while being stabbed and someone trying to pull my ovary out and its always worse the side im ovulating usually it settles after ovulation but it reached its peak a week after ovulation this month

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I also find the only think that helps the pain and still lets me function is naproxen

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Netti451 in reply to Lyn84

Hi Lyn. God its such a relief to have found this website. Hearing other people are going through similar pain makes me think im not crazy at least. Tried naproxen but it didnt touch me. Most of the time im on 800mg ibuprofen and 15mg coedine and paracetamol. When pain is at its worst im on 45mg coedine but cant function on that it just knocks me out altogether.

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It knocks me out too and i cant take it as it aggravates my stomach now all i had in the house other day was ibuprofen and paracetemol and i was doubled over it didnt touch it i have taken cocodamol if im desperate only if i dont have work as i cant function on them i must admit im also grateful to have found the sight

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Hi Netti,

I'm still waiting for my official diagnosis (lap in a few weeks) but my consultant has told me that leg pain is very common with endo.

I typically get severe leg/pelvic pain from a few days before ovulation through to the end of my period and it can make sitting at a desk all extremely uncomfortable.

I too have struggled to beat this pain with painkillers. However, I've found several things which do help, which I thought I'd share - hopefully one of these (or a combination of all three) could help you!

I do yoga every other day and this has really helped to reduce my leg pain. There are lots of good "yoga for sciatica" videos online that you can try. YWA is my favourite:

In addition to regular yoga, I also use microwaveable heat bags and ibuprofen gel on my legs. Sometimes these do absolutely nothing at all but, I find if I catch the pain early enough, they can help to take the edge off a bit and allow me to fall asleep (my leg pain seems to get even worse when I get into bed).

Good luck!

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Thank you so much! My leg pain is worse in bed too! And yes sitting down all day doesnt help, whenever i am able to walk around i find it seems to distract a little from the pain. Its hard to motivate to stay active due to lack of sleep from the pain. I am going to try oesteopathy i think as i heard thats good also. X

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