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What could this be?


Hello everyone,

I don't know if I'm posting in the right place or if anyone can help me but there seem to be a lot of women here who, after going through so much, have a lot of knowledge.

My symptoms are pelvic pain (internal vaginal pain on one side), an aching/burning pain in my pelvic floor and the pain sometimes spreads to my gluteus and down my leg. My pain is not usually in the tummy/pelvic/uterus area but lower down. It's constant but far worse with sitting. It goes away in the bath or running or yoga.

I also have bleeding between my periods - I have a 28 day cycle but on days 23-26 each month I have like a mini-period (more than spotting/red bleeding like a super light period) that is stop start, then my normal period on day 1 (for 5-7 days). My periods are not particularly painful and are not heavy. I also sometimes spot after sex (although that isn't often as it seems I'm always bleeding or in pain - although sex itself is not usually painful).

When I first presented to a private gynaecologist he said it sounded like endometriosis but the lap was negative. He had a thorough look around and everything looked fine except he found adhesions which he released and noted some mild inflammation but nothing that required treatment.

I then visited other doctors who speculated about pelvic floor dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, hormone imbalance, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and other things. Multiple ultra sound and a pelvic MRI, all clear. Pelvic Physio relieved pain temporarily but it always returns within hours, Mirena - I bleed non stop for 4 months and period pain was terrible (wasn't before), the pill - I seem to have become allergic to is somehow as it now makes me horribly sick and drowsy it I used to take it for years, hormone testing showed one Estrogen a little high and progesterone low end of normal but progesterone cream made me bleed even more.

I'm at a loss for what to do. What is causing my pain? I don't think it's endometriosis because I don't have the classic symptoms and the lap was clear. Does anyone have any ideas? Is my bleeding a hormone imbalance? What causes that? How do I treat it if the progesterone didn't work? (I really think the bleeding is a hormone imbalance because when it starts on day 23 of my cycle - same day every month - I get acne, sore breasts, a slight period-style back ache etc. just before, even nausea, so weird how it starts and stops every time).

I would be so grateful if anyone could give me any advice. The doctors have no idea what to do with me. Could stress bring on sometime like this? It's been over two years of this now it was a stressful time when it started, out of the blue.

Thanks so much xx

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Hi hun

Sorry to hear your going through so much, headache it's even worse when they can't find anything. Just thought I'd give you some advice as to what iv done to try, balance my hormones and its helped.

I take maca root powder which is a natural super food doesn't contain hormones just helps the endocrine system balance out our hormones.

Stopped consuming dairy and started eating a fresh food diet

Also I take serrapeptase to help with pain and eat up scar tissue and help with inflammation.

Sorry I can't advice you on anything else. Hope this helps Google maca and I think it's worth giving it a try for hormones it's helped me loads xx

Thanks so much! I'm confused about Meca because I'd had people tell me it mucks up their periods? Did it stop stopping or irregularity for you or just have in impact on heaviness etc. ? thanks xx

It's helped with my pms situation i am no longer a monthly bitch. My periods are a little lighter but I'm bang on 28 days it helps me have more energy the thing is to not take too much find the right balance for you and start of small and build it up. Do research and find what works for you I started from half teaspoon then build up to two tablespoon that was too much so I had a few days break and started at one teaspoon again and will probably stay at two teaspoons every other day. It's finding the right balance. I love how it's helped me so far. Hope you find some relief soon xx

Sorry to hear you're suffering. I'd look into fibromyalgia. I suffer from some of the symptoms you described and it may be worth taking a look. Not a lot of people are awear that symptoms of it can flare up around your monthly. Hope this helps. Sending good vibes your way.

Samantha1982 in reply to Emmahuh

Thanks so much. I have already read a lot about it but I don't really have the pain at all the different points, it's really just a pelvic thing. But you make a good point about periods tending to have an effect on other issues. It's so frustrating that I have no idea if this is gynaecological or something else just being effected monthly. Thanks for your reply xx

Hye sis hun...

Just to let u know.. I have my endometrioma cyst.. Around 1-2 cm something.. And just diagnosed with endometrium secretory phase.. Which is i have imbalance hormones..

My symptoms is I have spoting... Could be for the whole month...about a years for now.. Which start during April last year.. 2016..Have sometimes pelvic pain.. My period nowadays not quite normal.. I have prolonged period.. Which.. Spotting before period.. And abnormal bleeding after the cycles.. Because I have prolonged period.. sometimes after sex.. I have some spotting... But i have no pain during the sex... And now i am in hormones stabilize medication... I am giving 5 pcs of medroxyprogestrone acetate which is 10mg.. But not consume it yet because my specialist ask to take it during my first day of period.. And take each for a day.... I hope I will have normal period after this hormones meds...

I HAVE ENDOMETRIOMA CYST.. AND HORMONES PROBLEM.. that is my current problems right now. I hope this might help u... As we have same symptoms... But visit your doctor if u have others problem.. Or it getting worse...

With Love.. From Malaysia

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