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Confused about Pelvic Pain - could this be Endometriosis?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well?

I've posted on the pelvic pain forum but thought it might be best to ask here as well.

Is it possible to have Endometriosis but not have severe period pains? I've been experiencing a constant dull ache in my pelvis and groin since March.

First they thought it was a UTI as I needed to urinate more than usual (but that's gone now) although all my bloods/urine came back normal however with a slightly raised white blood cell count.

Then a week later as the pelvic pain got worse, I went to see the out of hours Dr who thought it may be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and I was on a 2 week course of antibiotics.

As this didn't take away the pain, I went back to my GP who did some swabs. They all came back normal, however he thought he felt something on my left ovary during the exam.

I was then admitted to hospital as I was still in pain, sometimes it is difficult for me to walk but I don't see a correlation with my periods - they are heavy but not excruciating...

Anyway the Ultrasound came back and that was normal so there wasn't any cyst. They said it may be constipation as constipation can cause pelvic pain. After taking all my constipation treatment and still taking Movicol daily, I am still having the same pains so my Doctor has referred me to a Gynaecologist as he said he is at loss to explain my pain.

I was in hospital a few days ago and they said my white blood cell count is high (had the flu at the time) and this indicates an inflammation but other than that my bloods and urine sample was fine - as a precaution they gave me another 2 week course of antibiotics in case of PID.

The pain constantly feels like a dull ache (like having constant period pains) around my pelvis and groin but the last couple of days I have felt it in my lower back.

Sometimes for no known reason the pain can get worse....and I can barely move and it feels like my pelvis area is burning up from the inside and it does spread to the top of my thighs at times. During the times it was really bad- I felt it on the bone bit to the left/top of the entrance of the vagina bit.

My GP did mention Endometriosis, but when I looked at the list of symptoms, I was confused as I don't have very painful periods or pain during/after sex...my periods are regular but just heavy then over the course of the period they get lighter and stop after 7/8 days.

I'm just really worried about my consultation on Friday and what the Gynaecologist might say...

Does this sound like Endometriosis to anyone or has anyone had similar symptoms?

Thank you :)


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Yes it could be. Before being diagnosed I kept getting what felt like UTIs but they'd test my urine and say it's fine no infection it would be slightly raised with white blood cells but not enough for medicine.

Like you my periods are not that bad I have one or two heavy and painful days but that's it. No pain during sex either however I do get pain when having a bowel movement. And the feeling of UTIs but this comes and goes without antibiotics

I tend to only get aches on the right side of my pelvic area throughout the month which I did think was weird but thought maybe that's just me. Anyway cut a long story short I had a laparoscopy (for fertility reasons) and they found I had extensive endo around uterus, ovaries, bladder and bowel. I was shocked as like I said I don't have terrible periods but it can be the cause of a lot of other types of pain so definitely worth looking into with your GP


Hi Chloe,

I had endo stage 3 and do not have severe period pains and would describe them as unusually light (even before coil) I will add that I wouldn't class my pain as severe at any time. Moderate and pain relief required for 2 weeks a month, a dull ache/discomfort the other 2 weeks pain relief sometimes required. Accompanied by a feeling of generally unwell and tired a lot of the time. The pain is also sometimes in my groin/thighs and an odd ache in my arm. No pain on intercourse. Since lap and mirena coil treatment I am much better. So yes, you can have endo without severe period pain. Good luck on Friday - hopefully you will get some answers.



Hi Chloe, I had all of the above as you had described. Was treated for PID three times with antibiotics but the pain was still there. In the end they referred me to the gynae and after investigation I had deep endo xxx


Hi I get chronic pelvic pain that always worse on lower left side I have very severe period pain and always heavy flow with clots I had a laprostopy last year and showed aheadions on pouch of Douglas and moderate endo in my womb I had a scan yesterday showed some endometrial cells so put on hormone treatment to help with this hope u get some answers soon xx


Hi! I had the same symptoms as you and maybe a couple of others but never bad periods. After years of what they thought was Sti's and antibiotics I found one gp who referred me to a gyno and straight away they booked me in for a lap. I was riddled with endo which had stuck all my organs together. A year later I had a burst ovarian cyst which was horrid but apart from that I am fine now. I have organic apple cider vinegar twice a day which I swear helps as no longer get the Sti symptoms and pain free for 8 months! Good luck x


Hi i have the same symptoms since i had an internal scan! Have to tak ibroufen and a painkiller everyday if dont i can barely walk!

I was treated for uti twice, kidney stones as a scan was read wrong, sciatica and finally endo. I did have blood in my urine and cells wer up but everything else came back clear.

In may i had laparoscopy, d&c, hysteroscopy and mirena coil fitted. Turns out i do have endo but its only mild to minimal. But the pain is still the same everyday and very tired no matter what i go to do.

Doctor has told me its a pain for life and nothing they can do as my tests have came back clear.

I now am looking into alternative ways of dealing with the pain, accupuncture and reflexology have been recommended to me.



Hi everyone...thanks for your replies!

I'm so nervous about tomorrow...feeling really sick and worried...

When seeing the consultants what do they normally do at the appointment? Is it just a chat or would they take swabs?

Thanks :)



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