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Lump at top of Pelvic Area


After months of back and forth and being fobbed off by doctors, one doctor finally said he thinks i have Endo (which i've been saying all along). So he is sending me for Lap Surgery. But i have a hard lump at the top of my pelvic area (top of knickerline area), it disappears when i lie down though.

Just a bit worried about this, on top of being worried about what they may find when they take a look inside.

Has anyone else had any experience of this or something else similar?


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Is it a skin lump or inside?

It's right where your ovaries are so could be an ovary or an ovarian cyst.

Have you been sent for an ultrasound scan yet?

If you have and there was no cyst found, then it could well be your ovary which might be stuck with adhesions to another part of you and unable to fall back in to it's original space when you lie back.

At least you are getting a lap, which is gret news. It does mean they can check for endo (which you may or may not have, and cut back any adhesions that are sticking your organs together (they will regrow-they always do) but having adhesions doesn't mean you have endo, they are scar tissue from any trauma or injury you might have had from accidents, bumps, previous surgery, over stretching in the gym or any strain at any time of your life previously.


Its inside. I had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago and i had a cyst (small normal one) on the left side, my womb tilted back and i had thick Endometrium.

The lump is in the centre of my body and a long oval shape, horizontally going across and is about 3 inches long. Kind of feels rounded shaped when feeling it in and up and down motion.

I've never had any accidents, trauma, pregnacies, injurys and i dont go to the gym (lol last session was about 3 years ago). Which is why its worrying me slightly. Fingers crossed its nothing.


Most of us endo ladies have a tilted back uterus (quite normal as it is meant to be able to flop one way and the other... but sometimes gets stuck back with adhesion, very very common from endo but you don't need endo to have a tilted uterus- just remember that when you are scanned you should be having internal ultra-sounds not over the tummy ones, so that your insides can be seen more easily.)

Thick endometrium can be caused by a similar condition to endo, called Adenomyoisis, which grows in the walls of the uterus and makes them thicker, so it might be that at the top of your womb that you can feel.

One of the ladies on the forum set up the adeno information website

Well worth looking at her website just in case, the good knews is that there is actually a cure for adeno - bit drastic, but a hysterectomy will rid you of adeno when the time comes.


symptoms are much the same as for endo, but the cells are slightly different, hence it has a different name. From what you are describing, it sounds quite a likely possibility, certainly one to be looking in to.


Brilliant Thanks for your help. Just hope this lap surgery brings some answers with it as im sick of the pain!


Hi Mefabgirl,

You are describing what I had! Is the lump painful? I was getting sharp, stinging pains in the lump and went to the doctors, it could only be felt if I was standing but was more prominent when I was lying on my side. It completely disappeared when I laid down flat. They thought it was a hernia at first and referred me to a general surgeon. I had a CT scan but it didn't show on this (well not the lump I had gone in about anyway!), I then had an MRI scan and it came back that it wasn't a hernia. They thought that it could be a haematoma or a sarcoma. I had an ultra sound guided biopsy and the results came back as endometriosis. The endometriosis had formed into a lump and this is what I could feel and what the pain was. I had it removed 6 weeks ago as an open op not a lap as it was in my abdominal wall. It is worth bearing this in mind as apparently it is quite rare to get it in this area and they don't automatically think about this, it looks very much like a sarcoma on scans but is actually endometriosis. Unfortunately since having it done I have been in more pain as they think I have endo deeper down and as it wasn't formed into a lump it wasn't clear to see on the scans and as they didn't do a lap they didn't look that deep. Anyway thought i'd share my experience. It baffled two doctors/consultants and they were shocked when they found it was endo in the abdominal wall so you may be ahead of them if you suggest this??!!

Good luck whatever it is



Wow. Poor you. I have had pains particularly during my period and when passing urine, as if my insides are being forced out. It took a year of going back and forth from the doctor, who also kept fobbing me off with pain relief. Eventually I went private. Just from an examination they found a hard mass in my pelvic area. An urgent mri the same day was organised. They still could not tell what it was but it was a lump of tissue between my bladder and cervix, indenting my bladder. I've recently had a biopsy. Still waiting for results. I really am hoping it's endometriosis more than anything else. I've been really worried it could be a tumour. As you do. Always think the worst. I find out in a week. It's given me hope that it may be something less serious reading these comments. X


I have noticed myslef on my left side... when i feel across my pelvic area i can only feel the lump on my left side (which is where i get the most of my pain) i can feel anything on my right side.. tried pressing and everything i can feel right ovary or anything, when i feel this on my self side and it painful ans sticks out when i lye down....

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Uhh...I notice on my right pelvic area I think around the middle or something I can feel a little ball like shape under the skin..I just now noticed it and I got really scared. It isn’t painful or anything? Maybe it’s just nothing? I have two similar shapes I can feel on either side of my neck..what do you think?


Hi ladies I too have lumps.....I had 1 removed in the same area you describe and it was endometriosis on abdomen wall. it is 2 years later and now I have 3 more lumps I found 1 and the ultrasound detected another and have also the initial lump back TOO . (when I lie down I have a hard time finding lumps too) They are very painful, I cannot sleep on my left side I have uncontrollable pain, cramping, mood swings and it is very frusterating to say the least. I am at a loss for words as my lumps keep coming back so I have discussed with my gp and she has confirmed that it would be in my best interest to get partial hysterectomy (as I don't want full blown menopause ON TOP of all this, but in hopes that the future won't bring more but quite frankly if they are there, they can and probably will re- grow! also I will be talking to my surgeon to get him together with my gyn to also operate and take the 3 lumps out as I am not going to let them grow more at the same time as I do not want 2 surgeries if I can do it in 1 and get both docs together! (my doc said they are small now 1 cm each so I could wait and see what happens. NOT!!!! I am sooo done with pain and not feeling good, not being able to eat I hope you don't let these doctors push you around I have gone to 3 specialist and still not satisfied with their results or answers but have been very forward with the last one so hoping that he will now listen and give me hysterectomy once and for all! I go to him MAY 16 and will be seeing my surgeon too. I truly feel for all you ladies and totally understand I hope you get the answers or results taken care of much faster that I for your own good! I would appreciate it if you would keep in touch and let me know how they handle your situation perhaps it could help me or someone else!! Wishin you ladies a pain free day without meds lol! ya right. gotta keep a good sense of humor that is for sure! Hugs xxx


btw I had laparoscopy in summer which showed no endo present in uterus nor did they find the lumps that are there now with this procedure. so all the best in your future findings. good luck!


So glad im not the only one and not alone, but at the same time sorry to hear about all your problems.

When i showed the gyny, even though he said i've probably got endo the lump could be a problem associated with my bladder area. But he just kept saying 'we wont know until we open you up'. Which isn't reassuring!

The lump only hurts when ive pressed it. After i;ve released pressure i can still feel where my fingers were, its sore and tender. i've had pain around there for years though with severe periods, so i cant work out if the pain is related to the lump.

Wish you all the best of luck and once ive had the lap i'll report back. Well, i've got to get a date for it first! lol god knows how long that will take!

All the best girls


I'm 16 and I've hade this pain in my hip for a week now and my right pelvis/vaginal area is really tender there is no discoloration at all but there is a bump/lump. It's scary cause if something is seriously wrong an I have to get surgery like you women then these next two years of high school are going to suck. I am a cheerleader and tennis player and I tumble every week. It's not noticeable by looking but I can feel it. It's really tender and it hurts to walk sometimes. My mom doesn't think it's anything but I think it might be cause I haven't hurt my hip doing cheer tumbling or tennis. The bump/lump is small right now. What should I do?

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Hi everyone ive just been googling what ive felt and came across these posts ive kind o the same thing but its on my right side just under my hip i can feel it when i press in its feels like a little ball just over a pea size id say the pain is horrible im going to the doctor tommorow so im not sure if it the same as you guys but what yous are explaining seems just like me.


Hey did you ever find out what it was. I have the same issue and it annoying.

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I also have the exact same thing and the lumps seem to grow and become more painful around my period each month. Any advice on this would be great!


I also have a lump on my lower left side pelvic/abdominal area and pain when I start my period :(

First OB said I have a cyst and fibroids seen on my sono and said that’s where the pain might be coming from . Options were to get a partial hysterectomy or start on a birth control to see if it would shrink or help in anyway the fibroids & cyst

Got a second and dr did a sono and said there was no cyst and very little fibroids hardly none and suggested I have ENDOMET..Suppose to start a birth control to see if it will help it as well as this dr suggested also . Idk. I want to get another opinion. With another dr. I’m determined to find answer

Hope you find out what’s wrong and good luck.


After my first scan, I was initially told mine were swollen lymph nodes. When more lumps appeared in different areas in my pelvis, they did another scan and, this time around, said that nothing showed on the scan. This still seems strange to me as the lumos are still present almost a year later. I guess I'll find out when I have my laparoscopy. Good look to you too, let me know how you get on xx

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Thank you. Yes that’s strange that it disappear

Kinda like what happ to me

I will let u know what dr says this week if any change on my diagnosis :)


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