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Pain at side of belly button after laparoscopy



I am 12 days post lap and I’ve noticed a really sharp/burning pain to the left of my belly button and wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

My incision in my belly button all looks fine doesn’t look infected or anything. The area to the side doesn’t seem to hurt when I press on it but it feels like something is being stuck into me any ideas?

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I had a pain to the side of my belly button for about 3/4 weeks but it only really hurt when I put pressure on it/like had the water from the shower running directly on it...I did have an internal infection but it continued after that had cleared up. I did get really bad sharp pains from trapped wind for weeks as well, I found that peppermint capsules helped with that so maybe try taking those? If you are worried though probably best to go see your gp, then even if it is nothing you can have peace of mind 😊 hope it passes soon for you x

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Thank you for the advise. I’ve been drinking peppermint tea and haven’t had trapped wind for a while now it seemed to go within the first 4-5 days after the lap. I spoke to a friend who recently had surgery (not a lap) but she experienced something similar and they told her it was nerves repairing.

Hi there,

I am 4 1/2 weeks post lap for a full hysterectomy and oophorectomy and I am experiencing the exact same thing!

My belly button is infected which I am currently on anti biotic cream for but to the left of it, I have got burning and stinging under the skin! It doesn’t feel like the infected BB pain.

It comes and goes and doesn’t particularly hurt when I touch it, just feels like it’s under the top layer of skin.

Has yours got any better? I am tempted to think it’s nerve damage or scar tissue repairing but it helps to know I’m not the only one experiencing this and I’m

not going mad!!

rae02 in reply to Djdije

Mine went away I was told it was just nerve damage and nothing to worry about.

Djdije in reply to rae02

Thank you so much, guess I’ll just have to wait it out!

rae02 in reply to Djdije

Your welcome. I’m not entirely sure when mine disappeared I’m now 9 weeks post op but I only had a laparoscopy for ablation of endometriosis, so mine was more minor than yours so it might take longer to go?

Djdije in reply to rae02

Knowing my luck it will. I had an ablation before that (didn’t work!) but it was done vaginally so none of the post-op wound malarkey.

Hope you’re feeling better and the ablation helps 😊

rae02 in reply to Djdije

I don’t think I got my pain straight away in my belly button think it was a week or so after. Thank you, I don’t really feel much better I’m still experiencing really bad pelvic pain and back pain a lot of the time. My follow up isn’t till 5th September too

Djdije in reply to rae02

That’s awful, I know how you feel. I consider myself one of the luck ones because when they removed my womb and ovaries it turned out not to be endometriosis- it was something called adenomyosis instead. Still a horrendous condition where the womb tries to eat into the bowel and bladder and basically take over my whole pelvis!

Now it’s gone, so has the pain thank god. Just got instant menopause to deal with now!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that your follow up comes round quickly and that they can do something to help you. I know what a worrying and stressful time it can be but at least you’re on the right track to getting some sort of diagnosis or treatment.

rae02 in reply to Djdije

I’ve heard of that it’s often referred to as endometriosis’ sister. I’m just glad I have an answer for my pelvic pain as I’ve had it for 3 years and I was told it was all muscular and went through lots of physio, chiropractor and osteopaths spending lots of money trying to get sorted. I’m not sure where they found the endometriosis either

Petit-ange in reply to rae02

Hi! I know this thread is kind old but I recently had a laparoscopy just over a week ago with the same ablation of endo, and I also get that excruciating pain the left of my lower abdomen!

Been trying to see the doctors to be 100% sure its all fine as even codeine doesn't help all that much and it feels like the skin is being ripped apart! I am happy to read someone one else has experienced this pain (but also sad as it hurts like hellfire), just wondering how you're feeling now, if the pain has persisted or has gone away?

Pipe5 in reply to Djdije

Hi my daughter is experiencing, I believe the same pain. Did your pain ever go away? And if it did, how long did it take?

Djdije in reply to Pipe5

Hi Pipe,

Yes the belly button pain went probably a month after my original post.

I’m having other weird pains now! Feeling like I’m still ovulating even though I haven’t got ovaries...back to the consultant I go...

Hope your daughter feels better soon.

It’s early days for her so I would strongly suggest it’s either the internal glue tightening as she heals, or the skin healing internally :)


I am 5 days post lap & ablation.

I have pain around my belly button too, it looks normal visually - i just assumed it was the healing process x

Djdije in reply to Ginge32

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I think I am more worried because I’ve only had this pain at the 4 week stage rather than in the weeks leading up to it. It’s not too bad today but I guess there’s still a lot of healing and repair work going on in there!

Hope you’re feeling better soon 😊

Kette1hl in reply to Djdije

Hi Djdije - like you, I’m developing unique pains as time passes. I keep thinking I’ll be better but then a new pain shows up, and leads me to believe I’m encountering a complication!

In the US, doctors say you’ll be back to normal in a week or two. I’m now 8 weeks post op and still limited in my abdomen area - belly button is hard, tight, and tender, shooting pains, etc. I’m trying so hard not to be frustrated or scared but when you’re 4x beyond the docs expectation, it can be frightening!

Djdije in reply to Kette1hl

Hi Kette1hl

I’m now nearly 13 weeks post op and once a week, almost like clockwork, I’m still getting a tight, sharp bellybutton pain which lasts a day or so and then goes.

I’m also getting what I can only describe as ‘phantom ovary pain’ where it actually feels like I’m ovulating for a period - but I have no ovaries!

As I’m generally fit and well and have no fever, vomiting or and other worrying signs I’m just having to accept these pains as my body healing internally, even though it’s very weird.

But we’re all different I guess and we don’t know what it takes for the body to get over a major surgery like that.

If you get any of the worrying signs like I mention above (fever etc) then obviously go straight to ER or your doctor but if not, just bear with your body and let it heal a’s doing weird and wonderful work in there!

Hope you feel better soon.

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