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Changing from the combined pill but not sure what alternative to take?

I'm currently on Microgynon 30 but want to change to something else as since I was put back on it my periods have become heavier and more painful, I've been offered Desogestrel by my doc until I can either have the Implant or the Mirena Coil put in, but not sure which is going to be better for me, has anyone had any issues with either one of these and how effective is it? The nurse did ask me whether I'd had any children when I asked her about Mirena, but she didn't tell me why she asked this?

Thanks! :) x

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I was on Microgynon once and it didn't agree with me so I was put on Loestrin which I found worked better. They made my periods lighter and regular which was a great help and I didn't get the migranes either!

I believe the nurse may have asked the question if u have children as, from what I was told, they try not to use a Mirena Coil in women who have not had children.Not sure why?

I hope that helps and hope you get some relief soon x



Many, many years ago i had a Mirena put in. I wasn't aware then I had endo as I had been on the pill for donkeys years before that. I hadn't had children (still haven't) but after a bit of persuasion the nurse fitted it. It was extremely painful having it put in (because I hadn't given birth), however that pain was short lived and I had it in for 5 years. it was amazing!!! No symptoms, no periods, no period pain, nothing.... amazing!!

I had it taken out after the 5 years (thats how long you can have each device in for), I decided not to use anything, as wanted a baby, 5 years passed, no pregnancy, and alot of pain. Was diagnosed with IBS, eventually after 8 years I had another Mirena put in, second time very different. Excruciating pain on right side (have since found out this is my problem side), after two weeks I had to have the coil out as I couldn't bear the pain. My endo was diagnosed officially last year, I am putting that pain with the second coil down to that as it's my right side I experience the most pain.However that is just an assumption.

I would have another Mirena put in, however at the mo I'm constantly in pain so not brave enough to try it. I've come to the conclusion i'm not going to have a baby (I'm 38 now and have given up due to the constant pain). My next hospital appointment I'm asking to go back on the pi, hoping that will control the pain for a few months then I would look at the Mirena again.

Mirena is not for everyone, I've had a positive and negative experience with it however the positive out weighed the negative. The good thing about it is it can be taken out (and that doesn't hurt at all)

Sorry it's a bit long and I hope it helps :)



I had the marina coil in November I can't comment on the pain as I had it done same time as a lap however my periods do seem to reducing in length and pain as months go on so I'm going to stick with it. I presume she asked about children as, as a contraception it's not just as simple as stop taking a pill it obviously involves another op so they wouldn't fit it if having children is in your short term plans. From my conversations with my consultant it's nothing more than for that reason. Take care x


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