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Follow up appointment after laparoscopy, not sure what to think!?

Had my follow up appointment today after my exploratory lap, she said take my pill (microgynon) for 3 months without a break in between then have a break at the end of the 3 months, then repeat for another 3 months, she will see me again in 6 months time. If that doesn't help then try the mirena coil (which I'm not willing to try!) if that's not an option/doesnt work then try the injections for the early menopause (I'm not willing to try this either!). If that doesn't work/im not wanting to then it's an operation to remove the lining of my womb!! I'm not sure what to think or really what any of this means tbh!? Any guidance/advice would be grateful!

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Hi, I was advised when I was diagnosed 7 years ago with stage 4 endo to tri-cycle the pill. I find that it really works for me and I like the certainty of knowing exactly when I'm going to have that period every 3 or so months, so that I can try and plan around it for work etc. I do this in conjunction with managing my diet, and although I still get symptoms I find that I can generally lead a fairly normal life most of the time x


Ahh that's good, gives me hope, im set in my ways with my diet and know I couldn't change it even if I wanted to. But I'm hoping the pill thing works for me but somehow I don't see it happening. Thanks for replying.


The MEA Microwave endometrial ablation is the one where they cook the lining of the uterus with a view to stopping some and hopefully all of that from bleeding each month.

some ladies have had that and reported on this forum that is hasn't been as successful as they had hoped. ie some reduction in bleeding but not stopping their periods alltogether.

I can fully understand not wanting to go down the menopause drugs route, but can I ask what has put you off the mirena coil?

It has been a success for so many ladies with endo, and it only releases a fraction of the hormones that the BC pills will be giving you, yet you are considering taking them back to back.

And that means remembering to take them each and every day and still having a period every 3 months.

The mirena you can forget about. Once it is in and working- no periods for up to 5 years, no need to remember to take pills, no PMT, no expense of having periods. It is definitely definitely worth trying before dismissing it.

If you have tried it and didn't cope with the settling in time that is one thing, but it is certainly worth considering if you haven't tried it out.


It doesn't stop periods for everyone though, it can slip and be out of place, it can cause irritation and inflammation. I don't want a birth control for 5 yrs. I like the pill because if I want more children all I have to do is stop taking the pill. I'm only 23 and know I want more children in 2-3yrs time.


Hi, I felt the same about the coil so I started on Yasmin six months ago. I don't run packs together but I know it's very common to do that. I have had amazing results and not needed any painkillers at all for the last 2-3 months - a big difference from 5 naproxen a day during my periods and other horrible symptoms! Yasmin has some negative press and opinions and I've only been taking it 6 months so no expert but maybe worth bearing in mind if mycrogynon doesn't suit. Good luck x


I'm going for my diagnosis lap in 3 days and I've already been on coil couldn't bear the pain off it before the coil I had the implant never done a thing my gp said my body rejects foreign bodies :-/ now at my 1 st gynae appointment I got asked if I've ever took the pill packs back to back and I had to admit I've done it a few times off my own back never been told to I just can't cope with the pain but it never done anything by taking them for 3 months hopefully u get the answers u want soon xx


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