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Mirena removed 7 months ago so will my endo return? Can I afford to 'put off' trying for a baby for a further 6 months? Advice please! X

Hi lovely ladies - am after some advice please.....

My background:

I've just turned 32 & have endo. I've had 2 laps in the past, plus 6 months of Zoladex in between. The last lap being 3 years ago during which they fitted me with the mirena. It's been GREAT since then - no pain, hardly any periods etc - so happy!

However, I got my coil removed July 2012 - periods retuned within 3 weeks are are regular which is good. We started having lots of sex and trying for a baby pretty much straight away. I realise the first few months don't really count as my body was 'adjusting' plus I was hugely anxious the endo would return and I had BAD mood swings for 3 months (did anyone else get this!?) Anyway - since Xmas 2012 and this year I'm loads calmer, mood swings have lessened & I'm taking evening primrose oil and looking after myself more. Now I'm getting a promotion at work in July (ironically, covering someone's maternity leave ha ha!) so last month we decided to stop trying and I actually felt happier for it - pressure off!

So, my main question is: can I afford to 'put off' trying for say 6 months or will my endo get worse/return with each natural period I have? I have no interest in going back on contraception and of course I want to avoid a 3rd lap.

ALSO - I have an appointment booked for this this Thurs to see my specialist who performed my laps (at the cost of £170 for 30 mins...aaaaaah!!) - should I cancel this appointment now that we are 'not currently trying' or go see him anyway but I suspect he will say 7 months of trying isnt really long enough to run any tests?

Confused & a bit anxious!!

Thanks xxx

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Hey how quick has ur endo returned in the past? If i was u i wouldnt waste any time as u just dont know what happens but its not about me. Are u still ok now? or do u feel like ur endo is back? 6months isnt a long time but then if ur endo is growing fast then its time ur wasting. sorry may not have bn much help there but im 31 and not in a relationship and i wouldnt waste anytime, tempted to just sleep with guys to try get pregnant which i know deep down it wont happen that easily, xx



Thanks for replying - I paid to see my specialist last Thurs in the end as had a list of questions and wanted some peace of mind (the same surgeon who did my 2 laps 3 years ago) He reassured me that in my case he thinks it would be fine to take 6 months off from trying but if I was talking of taking 1 year/18 months then that would be not advisable and I would maybe 'miss the window of opportunity' before it returns?!

The fact that I'm only getting the odd ache and pain since having coil removed isnt anything to worry about but I'll just monitor it each month so I'm happy I went to see him. The positives are that I am regular and everything returned to normal within 3 weeks of removing the coil, this is good and my AMH levels are high - also good.

In the past I have nothing to compare it to as I had 1 lap followed by 6 months of Zoladex straight away then lap number 2 then coil straight away so this is the 1st time I am not being 'treated' for it so I got into this huge panic that it would all come flooding back but so far, it hasn't - fingers crossed!! I think my biggest problem is my worrying all the time!!

Nooooooo dont get preggers by a random - bad idea!




I had a mirena coil after the 2 lap and I removed it after almost a year because I wanted to get pregnant but my endo came back immediately and I had another lap and they had to remove a part of my bowel because it was stuck to my uterus. At the moment my endo is back ....again(one year and a half since my last lap) and I am still trying and trying to get pregnant but nothing. So please don't put anything off just keep on trying because endo is here to stay and with every lap that we have its less chances for us to get pregnant because of the scares that it leaves.

Take care and keep on trying!!!!



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