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What do I do next ? :-(

Hello Ladies

I was diagnosed with endo late 2012

By late 2013 I had two laps, first one apparently didn't get all the endo.

For a few months it was ok but we was trying for a baby but nothing , it was stressing us both out way to much so decided to take a break so I went on the pill - no problems while on that. I've now been of the pill since may 2016 as we want to try for a baby again. As some of you know when it doesn't happen after the first month all sorts start going through your head. Now oct and still nothing but the pain my periods bring is hell as u all know :( I don't know what to do about the pain and I don't know what to do about getting pregnant. I know I could go dr's but wanna know what your opinions are before the dr's tells me anything. I'm starting to think I'm never gonna get pregnant and the pain I will have to live with every month

Advise please ladies xxxx

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I'm not sure what to advice you about pain as I'm in same position regarding pain. Are you taking folic acid and are you bloods fine? Your not anaemic or anything as that will make you temporary infertile. I know this because my bloods were shocking in may and I been put on vitamin d and folic acid myvitamun d is finished now I just need to ask docs for a routine check see if there back to normal. Eat well get all your vitamins and get your bloods checked see if your low on anything try not to stress and have happy sex (don't see it as a pressure to make baby's) subconsciously you'll be stressing. Hope that helps xx

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Well dr gave me some codine and said that I have to go to get bloods done and BF to get tested and then she will refer us to fertility treatment.

She said if we wasn't planning on having a baby then another lap may have been suggested but she passing it all over to fertility dr's for them to decide - I'm not sure why but it's made me feel bit more relaxed about it :)

Thanks for your advise and taking the time to reply xx

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Your welcome. That's good least your in the right direction. Do you have pain over ovulation or just mainly period? Hope the codeine helps pain also I find hot water bottle works wonders I'm not having much luck with painkillers at the minute. Keep your chin up and I'm here to chat to whenever. Xx


I cannot live without my hot water bottles - 1 on belly and 1 on back! Lol

I get shattered and mood swings BAD 2 weeks before

Chronic back ache 1 week before and during and super super bad cramps day before and during.

Sex is painful too depending on position up to two weeks before 🙄

How about you? Xx


My hot water bottle is basicly my best friend it's just flipping torn tonight at the top. 😬not happy

I have constant lower back pain all day everyday gets worse a week before period after sex and on period. I get awful ovulation pain that's way worse than periods which is saying something I can't move even hot water bottle doesn't help. Nausea diahrrea day before and first day period then constipation. Hip pain leg pain pelvic pulls Burns and twisting. I get funny numbing sensations down there when I can feel my bowels getting ready to move (if that makes sense) shooting pains up bum and vagina particularly when ovulating. Pain in my left breast every so often bloating and for dome reason I've developed cystic acne. Always tired have been like that since I was a kid I could never stay awake in class and never played out at six week holidays like normal kids would always sleep its crazy. I'm very emotional and Moody a week before I'm due. I don't know how my other half copes. ☺Iv wrote you an essay I think all is covered ha ha xx

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All sounds so familiar ... woke up today and feel like someone has snapped by back in half 😢

I only got diagnosed in 2012 and I'm 30 now

I used to get REALLY bad pains and periods when I was younger but I always thought it was just how periods were, friends didn't suffer no where near as much I just thought I was unlucky - it wasn't until after sex in 2012 I was in AGONY and BF had to rush me to hospital. They thought i had appendix burst but they discovered it wasn't that and sent me on my merry way

Then it happened again and I needed answers and told me that i had endo - I'd never heard of it but it explained alot!! It good to have someone to talk to who has it cos I know no one with it xx


I haven't even been diagnosed yet. But I feel I have it and maybe since a teenager because of all my pains and periods fatigue iv been on birth control few different pills Marina coil and femodette it's only recently since iv stopped the pill and completely stopped brestfeeding that iv had some intense crazy symptoms from may this year to be exact. I don't know if it's to do with my c section or if it's been from before and just been surpressed with birth control. Iv just accepted my periods are bad and basicly got used to it. Endo is in my family what makes me think I have it too and the symptoms and pain. It's awful I only recently knew what it was (not close with my family) found out looking up my symptoms went straight to docs after a couple of times of been before been told I was depressed since a child and iv got ibs I questioned it because of all other symptoms plus I really seem to feel low during colder seasons but fatigue and pain hit me all through the year, got blood in my urine. and started keeping a diary xx got urology couple weeks and gynae next month xx


The crap us women have to go through a! :(


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For pain there is that Buddy pad

Put in microwave

Great pain relief


i'm new the to thissite, its crazy how many of us going through simualr things, its a condition I didn't even know existed.

I'm not trying for a baby right now but i've been researching it a lot as my consultant really scared me about getting pregnant but from lot of reserch and journals i've been reading not just english ones, america, australia etc (more advice better :) I think) I found that a lot of good results have come from changing eating patterns and stress levels (I know easier said then done) and like someone else has said vitamins: Biotin, folic acid, omega 3 i'd personally get some pregnancy vitamins.

as for pain :( i'm in same boat I take prescibed medication, not working great really. I had trip to holland & barrett and brought primrose, starflower oil, vitamin b6 and thinking about trying accupunture and this is purely from different articles i've been reading. I'm so desperate to be pain and fatigue free willing to try anything.

I hope it all works out for you x


I just remembered something about getting pregnant .

I read it years ago

Some studies show taking an anti inflationary like Motrin

Every day during the last two weeks can help inflammation down enough to help get pregnant

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