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How soon after your first laparoscopy can you have another.

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I had my first laparoscopy a week ago diagnosed with stage 4 endo at the age of 49. Consultant says six months worth of injections in tummy then another lap to see if the endo has shrunk. Is it possible to have two laps within that Six months I am sure I read somewhere it should be 12 months apart. Would be grateful for any advice.

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I don't think there are any official time rules etc, its completely up to your surgeon, there's nothing stopping them doing 2 laps in 2 days if they felt it was necessary and safe to do so etc. I had extensive excision of stage 4 endo last year, it was a big job so ended up being done across 2 laps and my Gynae wanted a minimum of 4 weeks in between the ops, in the end it was 8 weeks as needed colorectal surgeon as well and not too easy to get both surgeons available at the same time!

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Thank you that's a good help everything with endo so new to me I wasn't expecting that diagnosis at age 49 consultant said I was lucky girl to have stage 4 and no symptoms .

Hi dont think there is a timescale. I had lap in november and they found severe endo, got next lap to remove in april so only 5 month gap there.x

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Thank you for your help good luck for your next op in april

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5 month gap Cat! I didn't realise, you poor thing. Hope you are doing okay. xx

Thanks liverpool8, i have to say i'm very jealous you are stage 4 with no symptoms. haha, wish i had no symptoms.

Yeah yellowrose quite a gap hey! I think they were hoping the decapeptyl would help me but i don't think its done me any favours. Plus i had to join the good old waiting list. The two surgeons i need only manage to operate together a few times a year as they are so busy they have to wait until they are free at the same time to operate together. Oh well only 5ish weeks to go.xx

Hi liverpool8 I had one opp in March 2012 and then another in august 2012 and am now waiting for a date for another, I don't think there's any time limited it just depends on recovery time and waiting lists. I have also had injections 4 times in total and they did help loads with the pain but I had lots of flushes and occasional headaches especially when I had them in between opps,but to be honest I would rather that then the pain. I am also stage 4 and know it's very hard emotionally and physically to have two opps close together but I'm sure your docs feel it's necessary. Good luck x

Thank you


Like many others here, I agree that there are no set timescales. I've had 4 laps, the first 2 very close together. April 2011, December 2011, May 2012, and another one this year.

I'd say that a lot of what goes on depends upon your symptoms, and whether they are suggestive of active Endo. My first lap was a diagnostic with laser ablation. My second lap was to rectify the first (because my original Gynae had missed some Endo buried deep in my Utero Sacral Ligaments, and had also caused lots of scarring). My third lap was radical excision to remove further deep Endo. My fourth, more recent, was because I am now so in touch with my own symptoms as to just KNOW when my Endo has returned - so, bizarrely, I actually WANTED this lap! (And, yes, my Endo HAD returned!).

The only suggestion I can make is to say that if symptoms warrant surgery, then that's the way it is. Sorry if this seems a little harsh - I don't mean it to be. It's just that I tend to take a pragmatic approach, nowadays, in which I accept that I have an aggressive Endo, that tends to return. I therefore accept that I have to manage my symptoms, and also must choose the most appropriate way to do it. A way that suits me.

I do not "get on well" with Hormone Treatments. The Pill (Dianette, then Marvelon) gave me bloating, water retention and horrible spots, so I am not happy to take it. I tried the Mirena too, with disastrous consequences - it kept shifting, causing intense pain, and I got lots of flooding (so it did little to stop my heavy periods!). Thus, for me, surgery is the preferred option; although I am having to come to terms with the fact that my Consultant considers further surgery increasingly risky (and was reluctant to do this one).

I guess we are all different - so our preferred solutions are different. What works for me may not for you, and vice-versa. Still, it is clear that many of us have had multiple surgeries, some pretty close together. Try not to worry too much. Just take care of yourself as best you can, so that you are in the best shape you can be to get through the surgeries with minimum hassle.

By the way... if you are feeling anxious or scared, there are PLENTY of women on this Forum who can empathize, and who give good, common-sense advice. We are ALL here for you.

Take care & best wishes,

Elaine Ellis.

Thank you that has really helped so glad I found this forum

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Swiss in reply to Scooteeder

Thanks Elaine this was very comforting

I had larposcopic surgery Jan 2017 and I feel like my endo has come back not looking forward to another surgery

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Hi, I had a laparoscopy end of June for endo and it’s had returned, same spot, left ovary and I’ll be having another surgery in November ! So it’s only been four months :(

It is common to have two laps a few months apart. First one being the diagnostic operation. Then you have injections to shrink the lesions that make the second operation easier for the surgeon. I had 3 months apart between my two operations.

Hope this helps.

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