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No endo found


I've had my 1st lap surgery yesterday to find endo but the doc said they didn't find any.

I'm really confused I have bad heavy painful periods and extremely bloated & can not pass out of my bowels. Couple days after my cycle I get sharp pains down my legs and thighs like nerve pain. I can bloat up any time of the month & look 3-6 months pregnant, I've had sharp

Pelvic pain & burning sensations in my ovaries, back pain, have had a few abnormal bleeding but not enough to complain & I constantly get thrush. They've said I'm all normal & nothing has been found. I am only 23 with no sex drive constant mood swings, no energy and never want to go out any & do much anymore. Do you think maybe my endo could of been missed by the gyno?

Your help will be much appreciated :)

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Are you on Facebook? There is an amazing group on their called endometropolis.

A lot of your symptoms sound like you may have adenomyosis which is in the uterus wall and cannot be properly determined without a hysterectomy. There are symptoms such as the uterus being bulky but not always. There are ways to treat it though so don't be too alarmed.

Sorry your lap has been inconclusive, endo can be missed though so it may be your consultant hasn't spotted it.

The group I've recommended is also very good for recommending endo specialists.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you this is much appreciated :)

Yes I am on fb I will check that page out.

I seen something last night about the other condition you have mentioned- I think I'll do my research on this.

Thank you :)


I agree, sometimes even obvious endo is being missed by inexperienced consultants. If you join EndoMetropolis and ask for the photos from your lap, one of the experts will have a look at them for you.


Hi hun.

Sorry to hear about your pain and the fs that you still haven't been able to get a diagnosis.

It certainly sounds like you have a lot of symptoms that are related to endometriosis.

Can I just ask if you had your laparoscopy in a endometriosis centre with a endometriosis specialist Bsge list?


I have attached a link to these centres. The reason I ask is because the leg pain could mean that you have endometriosis in the Pouch of douglas which a place behind the uterus and next to the rectum, which could be why you are having bowel problems.

This is classed as a specialist area and a general gynaecology surgeon most likely wouldn't have even looked in that area because they would not be qualified to remove it.

I certainly think you have a lot of symptoms of it in this area and it could be it was missed.

There is a lovely lady on here called Lindle she recently did a post on the pouch of douglas have a look on her post and see how much relates to you.

Don't feel disheartened hun because it could just be that it was missed.

I hope this helps.

Jo xx


Thank you for your reply.

No I just had this

Performed by the gynaecologist consultant at my local hospital.

Thank you

I wil have a look at both your recommendations. Just feels as though I'm

Making a fuss but it's gradually come on within the last year/ year and half. I do think I've got endo but minior and not as bad some woman I have read on here.

Thanks again it's much appreciated :)


That's the thing though a lot of women on here have had there laparoscopy via general gynaecology surgeon and it gets missed that's why it is important it's done by a endometriosis specialist.

Don't feel like you are making a fuss hun, endo is a very funny disease you can have someone who has stage 4 endo (bad) and they have no pain and then someone who have what they call superficial endo and they can be in absolute agony.

Having Endo in the pouch of douglas is the most painful place to have endo so even if you have a small amount there it cod cause significant pain, and it is common to have it there because it's at the Back of pelvis so where would flow to if that makes sense.

I hope you get it sorted hun but follow what your body is telling you

Jo xx


Thank you jo

I'm knew to all this only found out what endo was in January from seeing the gynaecologist. I will look into the pouche of Douglas and do my research before my follow up.

Your knowledge is really useful me for :)


i too had a lap after being told i prob have stage 4 endo as i had an endometrioma. op was done under general gynae and was told nothing there and discharged. however to cut a long story short it is still there and more and im now facing the same op again. through the knowledge gained from this site and research i am now under an endo specialist. it has been a struggle im afraid.


Oh no! Hope you find your answers soon.

Thanks for your reply it helps, I'm quite new to all this and all knowledge for other people will help me when I go for my follow up


I to had a lap early this month and got told that I didn't have endo. They haven't fully discharged me yet, I have an outpatient in October as a follow appointment to see what they suggest to go next.

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Hope you get answers soon. I'm going to ring tomorrow and make sure I've a got a follow up and don't get fobbed off


definately insist. at the end of the day if theyve not removed anything and your symptoms persist they need to investigate further. take care

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