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Pro strap injections


Hello as you're all aware and for those who are not I'm in here a lot ablout prostap (depo injection

This has to be the best thing ever

My friend has been in it for 12 years and came of to have her children and went back on it

I have been on it 12 mothna this is the 4 one now and up to now it's fantastic

The recent post by the lady I can relate to

Mood swings

Horrific pains and periods 29 weeks I was on for. One stop then came along an ice docter with a needle!!! Ha i never thought I'd be begging for a needle I hate them

Anyway it's worked I get a hard limo in my tummy for about 6 weeks and that's it no pains. I bleeding no mood swings nothing I also take menoupaouse tabs from boots as well there £26 for 1 month supply but you need no other vitamins at all these stop the hot and cold flushes and the up and down mood swings as well there pricey. It great

Ok so prostap is suppose to be for 12 months max but I am nener stopping it I do not 100% want periods flooding pains sat on toilet for hours couldn't go out as flooding clots every 20 minutes

15 showers in a day and cloth changes 100 tampons and towels a day unbelievable

This is a miracle this needle and as long as I'm allowed I'll keep on with it

It initially takes 3 to work it works right away Within a few days but takes till the 3 injection to get in to you're system and stop the mood swings etc

Try it you will be amazed

Good luck everyone these women's months are a nightmare x

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Hi there would you mind advising the names of the menopause tablets please ? Are they Boots brand ? I have had reduced pain which is brilliant but the memory loss , fatigue and lack of concentration are a bugger ! Glad they are working well for you x

Kaiyya in reply to Hidden

Hello yes there called menopause plus with botanicals there boots there the best ones I've ever tried of you have WhatsApp I'll message you a picture as don't no how to do it in here my number is 07584245507 if that helps xx

i thought it could only be given for 6 months?

DaisyThoughts in reply to rajsam

Yes, that's what I had heard too. Confusing? Good to read such a positive story about Prostrap. Thanks Kaiyya.

Kaiyya in reply to DaisyThoughts

Thank you hope you get sorted xxx

Kaiyya in reply to rajsam

Yes they do say that but I know 4 people been on it for years and I'm certantly not stopping after 6 months and it's every 3 months I've had 4 now so that's 12 months already x

I'm also a fan of prostap, had it on two separate occasions, each time for 6 months, with an hrt (Livial) the first time. For me it was to prepare for surgery. I too am very surprised to learn of someone on it for 12 years, my understanding is that is detrimental to bone strength and shouldn't be taken long term. Proceed with caution I think!

Kaiyya in reply to girli1969

Hi yes she is been on it for 12 yrs another 2 friends been on it for 8 yrs I've been on it a year already and it works as I said takes a while to work at first but once it's in you're system after the 2-3 injection then it's fine

And yes I know not going to last forever as our bodies became immunise to things after so long but hey it works and for now and as long as it does I'm happy as I'm sure others are... when the time comes it don't work then I'll go down that route but tbh I'm not going to run before I can walk.... and I'm happy with it at the moment in time but thanks for the input x

Hi I have just been prescribed this injection but told can only have it for 3months...ideally consultant said it should be 6months but that my endo could grown back bad again within 6months and that if had any chance of my ovaries healing after lap then I needed these injections and to try our best after the 3Mts...hate the taught of filling my body with something that is also used to treat prostate cancer....... ARE THERE ANY RISKS TO THE BABY IF I WAS LUCKLY ENOUGH TO FALL PREGRANT SO qUICKLY AFTER FINISHING 3MT COURSE? Been told I have very high risk of ectopic pregnancy cos of my tubes.. I am gettin my injection tomorrow

Hello sorry to hear of you're health issues

Ok I have the injection for periods etc not for cancer or any other reason

I am currently feeling 100% fine no bleeding etc now for 12 months nearly

How long will it last???

How longs a piece of string, it's working for now and I'm happy if that changed I'll look at other ways to stop the periods as to horrendous and life changing to have them ever again there awful and I feel better without them...

I did t no they were used for cancer either

My daughter in law is 29 and been in them for 10 years stopped when wanted the girls and there 10 and 5 and perfectly healthy no issues at all except normal girls behaviour and spoilt! Haha

But I'd say you would be fine with this before and after if it's the same injection depo pro strap there every 3 months and periods can stop within a day / week /2weeka byt can also go hectic at the start and then just stop so bear with it

If no change in 6 weeks speak to the docter again ,

I hope you're health gets better and I hope you have a baby as that in itself is life changing

Good luck for the future take care and if you need any more advice everyone is here to help everyone the best we can


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