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Diclofenac for pain... Anyone been prescribed it, does it help?

Im.counting down the weeks til my 2nd (1st for endo realted) lap and every month is getting worse. So bad i have just waited 24hrs!!! For a duty doc at my surgery to call me back with some painkiller advice.

Im currently taking mefanamic acid 3x daily plus co-codamol when i need to plus heat pads etc but on the week leading up to my favpurite time of the month nothing touches it (this week)

Anyway the doc has asked me why im not on the pill??? Grrr i have the mirena fitted-read my bloody notes lol he has now prescribed diclofenac instead of mefanamic.... Has anyone rlse tried this? Does it help?

Any other advice would b great, my op date is 9th may not sure how im gunna get thru that long got 2 more periods to go......


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Yes it's my pain killer of choice. Does make me drowsy if I'm taken in for a few days then I get really sleepy, beyond my normal knackeredness, but as a muscle relaxant pain killer for period /endo pains it's fine for me.

I used to guzzle paracetamol like it was my entire diet, but switching to diclofenac has meant i have considerably reduced the amount of pain meds I take on bad days.

I take one as soon as the pains come on, and carry them with me at all times.

There are cautions to watch out for, so do look online for the patient advice leaflet.

I would say that when my ovarian cyst was really playing up, the dclofenac was not strong enough to kill that level of pain so it mght not be strong enough for all gynae pains but as a regular use drug for the average painful period, it works a treat on me.


Hi, sorry to hear about things getting worse. I started taking diclofenac after mefanemic acid stopped working about a month ago and have noticed that it definitely makes a difference for me - I'm not going to lie, I still get pain but it is not as bad and I can feel the difference if I'm a bit late taking one. I'm afraid I don't have much other advice, I need to get back to the doctors myself but I hope the diclofenac helps you and wish you the best for your lap. xx


Hi Clairey

Diclofenac is often prescribed to help with pain, swelling and discomfort directly after surgery. I understand this is because it has an anti-inflammatory action on the affected area as opposed to a general painkiller.

I have used diclofenac post operatively but not so much as a painkiller of choice. I think you have to take them with or after food as they can have irritate the lining of your stomach if you're not careful and also be aware not to take too many per day. From memory I think you are only meant to have three per day depending on strength.

On a positive note anything that helps with the pain of endo and doesnt give too many side-effects is lovely to read.

Good luck for 9th May too :)

Caroline, x


I was given this for after my first lap and although it did cause the swelling to go down it did nothing pain wise for me. I don't know about other people but I think it is best used post surgery.

Hope this helps.

Good luck for your lap,

Leya :)


I was prescribed diclofenac last month as I was really bad.along with tramadol.thankfully tho the pain ease of a day or 2 later so I didn't take them.that was a week ago now and unfortunatly pain has started back up in last 2 days and today I'm in agony.it seems to start about a fortnight before my periods are due so I started taking the diclofenac again today and to be honest its not done much yet.im getting really fed up and drained from the pain in my lower left side and across the base of my back as well on and off in the top of my left leg.im due to see my consultant for the first time on 2nd April and I will be on then As well so for her sake I am hoping she gives me help of some form or she will get both barrels!!

Worst thing is I know that the pain will gradually get worse between now and the whining of next month till afta my periods so not a nice thought :(

Good luck with your lap Hun and hope the diclofenac takes the edge of things xx


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