I've been on prostap since September. I have injections every three months. I book my injections a week early to make sure it's in my system on time. Prostap eventually started to help with the pain and start getting a bit of my life back. But two weeks ago I started having pain and last week on the day I was due my injection I started bleeding. My doctor said I need to have the injection two weeks earlier as it must run out quickly on me. I'm still in pain and waiting for the prostap to kick in again. I'm worried I'm supposed to be stopping prostap in August and go on the pill. But if the prostap runs that quick out my system while I'm still on it what's it going to be like when I actually stop? I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, the prostap was given to see if worked then they maybe dealing with endo. I was offered a lap, but turned it down. Because the last lap I had the found lumps some doctors said its endo and some say its not. So is it worth putting myself another lap? The endo nurse thinks I may have endo in my womb and that's why it's been difficult to find. I'm worried if I have a lap and don't find anything, if I'm back square one with not knowing what's going on and being left in pain xx

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  • i'd have a lap op every week rather than risk prostap. But hey we are all different.

  • i agree with Impatient, I would definitely go for a lap than putting into test my body with so powerful drugs as prostap, without actually knowing whats wrong. With all these drugs you are just postponing the lap, because you know you cant take them long term. x

  • They think its endo. And prostap working well. But endo nurse said I should be having it monthly to work more effective. I didn't want another lap when the prostap was working because I've already had two laps last year. One to remove a cyst which had burst and second to look inside and see why I was hurting so much. The surgeon had found lumps and thought it may be endo. But tests come it wasn't. But doctors said there may be endo which they haven't found. So I was put on prostap to see if helped which it has. But runs out quickly. I didn't want to go back in hospital go through the operation again, because I'm single parent and its hard on them. But I think your right I'm just putting it off really xx

  • Hi I am in my first month on Prostap and been very up and down on it so far. but expecting pain relief anytime hopefully...

    Would you be able to swap to the monthly injections and stay on them a little longer? it maybe worth discussing with your GP.

    I'm not so keen of anymore laps as heard if they keep opening you up it just makes things worse?

    Speak to your GP and see what your options are...x

  • You shouldn't be on these drugs longer than 6months. That's the max recommended by the manufacturers unless you have a life limiting issue anyway like cancer. The risks to your body and brain are substantially higher the longer you stay on them.

  • I had the same problem with prostap - the injections began running out earlier each time, and eventually didn't help with the pain, as they did at the start - refuse to take any more of the injections - now awaiting surgery!

    I agree with impatient, these drugs are only for short term use - wishing you all the best hun. x

  • The issue with laparoscopy ops is that every cut with a knife encourages endo cells to grow there so each time you have one you increase your risk of endo and adhesions and so other treatments are better unless you are having plenty of endometrioma removed, there are also risks with anaesthetics, wound healing and infection so it all needs to be weighed up xx I hope you find an answer soon. Xx

  • I have the same problem with prostap running out, I take them monthly and towards the end of the third week I can feel the pain coming back. But if you take it along with HRT you can take it longer term. The fear of the pain keeps me on it. So if its working and keeping the pain at bay then why not stay on it :), you can take it along side the pill if HRT doesn't work for you too. Would defo advise going for a lap though, they maybe will be able to remove alot of it and ease the pain too.x

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