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Prostap advice please!

Hi ladies! After a bit of help please. I've recently had my 3rd prostap injection along with a lap where they removed extensive endo. My recovery's going ok but it would be a whole lot better if I could get a decent night's sleep! Has anyone else had problems sleeping with prostap and how did you deal with it? As if the hot flashes weren't enough!!!!



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Sorry to hear this - I've had similar issues. Try taking a calcium and magnesium supplement about an hour before you go to bed. It does seem to work reasonably well.


Thank you so much for this tip. I've now had a couple of nights of much better sleep! Really appreciate the help and advice. xx


You're welcome!


I would echo a magnesium/calcium supplement. I took a magnesium supplement in the early stages when I first started having prostap and had a good nights sleep.

I've been on prostap for 9 months now and I really haven't had much problems with hot flushes, night sweats or restless sleep. I think one thing which may be helping is that I take a daily starflower oil supplement and have been for a while. It's similar to evening primrose oil but has more of the active nutrient known as GLA.


Hi thanks for the advice - have now had a couple of nights of much better sleep! Really appreciate your help. xx


I am going to try the magnesium/calcium supplement and see if helps with my restless nights sleep


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