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endometrosis took my life from me

wow! this is the 1st time in 4 years speaking out about my journey to HELL WITH ENDO, my my story goes thus many years ago I was placed on mefernamic acid for my period pain, every month the story was the same. I am a woman who was unlucky enough to be born with a blood disorder which cause me pain all the time and I spend my life fighting for a right TO LIVE. I am not trying to sugar coat things but my life is one hell of a soap opera, its kind of a blessing not to know how it feels to be a normal human being. so 4 or 5 years ago I wanted to get pregnant and it wasn't happening so I got refered to a gyn and I had to have diagnostic lap which at the end of the day said everything was ok, the next period I had was the worst of my life I remembered I was travelling to france. the period was so heavy I soiled my dress about 3 months later I had an attack caused by my blood disorder and I had to be hospitalized. during my stay at the hospital I had a period that made my stomach wanted to implode I got refered for a scan and the doctors said I have huge cysts on both my ovaries and the gyn doctor urgently came to see me, they started talking about endo which at that time I was like 27 and never heard of endo before. Because I have the worst endo they have ever seen I was immediately placed on 6 months of zoladex(which was the maximum dose) and operations afterwards, well i was so unfortunate that i had all the side effects of the awful awful injections that another meds was prescribed to stop the side effects. WELL AT THAT POINT MY HELL HASN'T STARTED YET since endo decided to screw me over, well after the injections i had my surgery thinking my problem was over. I was damn wrong to cut the long story short zoladex hasn't returned my period, i was told my chance of getting pregnant naturally is slim to non, THEN THE LACK OF ESTROGEN MADE ME WENT SUICIDAL I MEAN I WANTED TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Today am still fighting doctors to get treatments and the worst thing is people THINK AM FAKING MY PAINS, but if i have come this far I WILL NOT LET ENDO AND MALE DOCTORS WHO DO NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW I FEEL RULE MY LIFE. pls to everybody out there be wise with your treatment and don't make the mistake i made, i wanted my pain to end which leads to many screw ups, crying, suicide attempts and many more. In the spirit of endo week I AM SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THIS TERRIBLE DISEASE AND AM DONE TAKING CRAP FROM IT.

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That sounds like you have been through it all! Bless you

I am so glad you have the strength to fight this..keep strong .xx


Completely know where your at! It can be a lonely disease with an appalling lack of awareness

around it. Only yesterday I found the courage to re visit my GP as I have been having awful right pelvic cramping and pinching and bowel problems. As well as endo history and adhesions plus also found out I have Diverculitis Disease and Hernia and some Gps think IBS as well. I am scared witless of having a hysterectomy, but managed to air my anxieties to a wonderfully understanding Gp about how I was feeling. It could be adhesions or the diverculitis but whatever it is this time

I had an incontinence incident and felt really unwell and in pain. It is complicated and difficult to decide what to do next, but just being able to talk to an understanding Gp, who gave me enough time to explain what I am going through helped. So keep communicating, it may not give you an immediate cure but it helps stop you sinking into despair and other sufferers will understand more than those who haven't had to go through this nightmare condition. Thankfully, we have each other!


wow, bless you. You have been through a lot.

So sorry to hear you have been so low to the point of suicide attempts!

You are so strong and very brave.

Thank you for sharing your endo hell with us all.

Best wishes x


Thanks everybody reading your comments made me feel good 1st time since this problem started I can't explain to my partner of 12 years how I really felt. I feel so alone and incomplete just to know that I have to wait on my hormones and ovaries to wake up again, women who have their period every month without problems and can get pregnant at a drop of hat don't really know what nature gave them. I have seen fertility doctors but I realised that when our appointment is coming nearer I would start acting like a mad woman which is unfair to myself, my partner and my relationship so I sat down and ask myself what do I really want? YOU ALL ARE MY HERO FOR HAVING THE COURAGE TO SPEAK OUT SOON AND AM STANDING UP TOO


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