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Coming off zoladex, I have endo and PCOS.... Really need some help/advice


I am new to this forum. I wanted to advise I am a 36 yr old lady who has never been been pregnant . I have severe pcos with the syndrome, female hair thinning, struggle to loose weight, with endo and seriously heavy periods that have worsened over the last 3 years.

I had zoladex for 9 months and it suited me find, I took herbal supplements such as b vitamin ans femmerale (I really recommend taking these) I had add-back HRT.

I have had my last injection in September and still no period although I feel like I have pms severe breast soreness bloated stomach and tube and ovaries are soooo sore.

Plus I have the hot flushes from forced menapause???? So it's like a pmt plus menapause I'm going through = HELL

So can anyone advise when periods return (no chance of me being pregnant). And any advise you can recommend?

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Hi I'm sorry you have been feeling so awful. I recall it took about four months for my periods to come back after the zoladex but I know from here it came take longer. X


Thank you, did you experience menapause syptoms plus pmt ?


Thank you so much for your reply, did u have 9 months x


Yes. I used to get hot flushes for a while even once my periods came back. I did find though once things settled down after a couple of months, I was pain free and heavy bleeding free for about a year. After my injections finished I started to back to back my pill to stop the symptoms returning and this seemed to manage things well for about 18 months with only the odd break through bleed.


I had six months worth of injections. So I'd imagine your periods may take longer because you had longer injections.


Thank you hells83 bells sooo very much xxx


please try a more natural approach such as NAC, Chromium (200 mcg) and D -chiro-Inositol (1200mg/day) it will do miracles for you if you stick with it, for at least two months. its natural and harmless. good luck! x

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Will this help my periods return!?


it should. but strictly avoid all sugar, junk food and wheat for the time being, drink plenty of water and stay away from coffee as well. also, when the pain abates get regular excercise. good luck xx


Dear Hannah,

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a hard time.

I thought I would write to you with some useful links and information that may be of help to you.

These could be of use prior to your next specialist appointment. The link on Treating Endometrosis is quite comprehensive and includes some information on pain management:



Furthermore, I thought these might be of use:



I wish you well.

Take care,



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