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Mirena and back pain

Hi ladies hope you are all having good days and the pain isn't too bad today. I was just wondering if anyone else had really bad back pain with the mirena? Had my second one put in last week and can't remember it being this bad last time. But I'm also having physio for my pelvic muscles as apparently 10 years of endo, three surgery and having a baby has sent my pelvis to pot and nothing is working properly so trying to figure out if the back pain in the mirena or the physio? Xxxx

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Hi there,

I have mirena coil (since 2 1/2 years) and I have also been having pelvic physio for 3 months, and amongst my many pains back pain is not one, so there is no link for me at least to either. Could it be to do with the insertion? was it fairly recent? Its a bit of a guessing game isnt it, which is so often the frustrating thing with endo. It could just be the combination of both mirena and pelvic physio. ive found since my mirena that anything to do with the pelvic floor sets off bad pelvic pain that radiates round my side. i think its just all inter-related. is the physio helping? maybe give it a rest until the mirena settles? your physio will probably be able to talk you through whether it might be affecting the results of the sessions.

sorry cant be of more help xxx


Hi, I've only had it in a couple of weeks so it might be from the insertion I've got another appointment next week with my physio so will ask her what she thinks as the physio seemed to be helping before I had the mirena in but was in agony after the last session so think maybe it's just all too much so soon after the insertion. Thanks xxx


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