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Mirena removal

Hi ladies,

I had my mirena removed today and just wanted to share my experience in case anyone is thinking about having it out and worried about the pain. It was not half as bad as I expected. The speculum hurt more than the removal! Just a short, sharp pinching feeling and it was out. I'm feeling quite sore and swollen at the moment but I'm sure that will go down quickly.

I had it removed because my endo has come back over the last few months which tells me the mirena isn't doing its job in preventing the endo. So while I'm waiting to see my new gynaecologist, I thought I'd have it out. I also gained a tonne of weight on it and my skin is horrid. Additionally, I didn't really want it put in in the first place but I was kinda of steam-rollered by my surgeon.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions. Sending you all love x

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Please keep me updated if you don't mind.

My endo is very much growing with the coil but I haven't had it out because I currently do not get periods and I'm worried that if I get it out then things might be worse than they already are. I am also...


Hi thank you so much for sharing your experience.

My surgeon put a Mirena in during my lap 18 months ago. It has completely stopped my periods which has been amazing for me. I have not had weight gain (besides monthly bloating) or skin problems...


Thank you for sharing the experience, I have been contemplating it but I'm terrified that the random bleeding will return. Please keep me updated!

Good luck xxx


By the way, my new gynaecologist (endo specialist) wasn't happy about me having the Mirena, but she told me to keep it because it stopped my bleeding. I'm taking the pill next to it to avoid getting my period and ovulation for 6 months (had to...


*A little update for those interested*

Hi ladies!

So the mirena has been out for a month and I'm pleasantly surprised at how I've been!

I came on my period only two days after the removal. It wasn't especially painful at all. I haven't had...


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