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How long did new lap op date come through after being canceled the first time?


Hi All,

Absolutely gutted - my first lap has been canceled today due to no beds. I can't say how upset and emotionally drained I feel! Work/life has been sorted and then all gets turned upside down. I am a vocal coach and work in schools so this week would have been perfect for recovery, as it is half term next week!

I keep trying to tell myself I wasn't supposed to go there....somehow not quite working at the moment.

I know many of you have been in this situation and I wondered how long did another op date take to come through?

Do you reckon I could call and say if you have any cancellations I will come in!?!

Thanks all xxx

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Sorry to hear your op was cancelled. I had that happen so I can understand how you are feeling. When mine happened the sister on the ward told me they usually try and get you back in within the month and sure enough the consultant's secretary rang me within a few days with some dates. What were you told when they cancelled?

Sending you hugs xx

Thanks for your reply smiley1!

I got on the phone as soon as the gynaecology waiting list opened at 12pm. I now have a date for the 22nd Feb - so not long to wait really. The hospital I am going to cancelled all non emergency operations today due to a surge in A&E patients and no beds. It was a little soul destroying to phone at 5:45am and for them to tell me!

It obviously wasn't meant to be. Lets just hope it doesn't get cancelled again!


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So pleased you got another date and fingers crossed it goes through this time.


This happened to me as well and I had to wait about a month, it's absolutely gutting. Glad you've got another date! x

Hi Rebecca

I cant imagine how awful and disappointed you felt after hearing your lap had been cancelled. But on the positive side its good to hear you already have a new date and its not too long to wait.

Good luck when the day of your op arrives, xx

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