How soon after lap did you feel improvements?

Hi all. I had my lap 5 weeks ago now, and even though they treated endo I'm still in almost as much pain as I was before. I never really knew how soon I should expect to feel the benefits, and I never expected my pain to disappear completely but I really don't feel much better than how I did before. Is this it for me, or should I expect some more improvements over the next few weeks/months? Those who found the lap effective in reducing your pain, how long was it before you really felt the benefits?

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  • Hi,

    I also had a lap about 5 weeks ago where they excised my endo and I had a mirena inserted. I still have moments of intense pain however my specialist informed me due to the mirena I would experience cramps while I adjust to it. Did you have a mirena inserted?

    My specialist also said as long as each day I feel better bit by bit then that means I'm on the mend. I would suggest if the pain is severe to return to your specialist. My pain flares up when I push myself too much too. I think recovery varies for everyone. I keep a diary of the pain and when it's worse to see if it's my doing etc. My friend who had a lap last year felt better within a week from surgery... Recovery is very variable.

    All of the best!

    Andrea x

  • Recovery differs from person to person, I was told at my post-op appointment (last August-a year ago) I would require a lot more surgery and in May I was put on a waiting list for more. I didn't feel any benefits from my surgery but perhaps that is because mine was more advanced (I don't know as I don't know your case obviously) but I would suggest you go back to your specialist to see what they recommend, there is plenty of treatment available! Perhaps ask to be referred to a pain clinic who will help you deal with the symptoms.

    Best wishes x

  • Hi there it does depend on the person of course but after my big op didn't feel benefit until at least 3 months but I was back to work after a month .Give it time ,if the pain is really intense it may be worth getting checked out by Gp

  • I also didn't feel any benefit following a laparoscopy with helica treatment. Since the operation (in May) my symptoms seemed to get worse until the specialist suggested I go on Zoladex to give myself a break for a few months. I've never felt better but I know that it's not going to last forever! I hope your symptoms continue to get better.Xx

  • Thank you for your replies everyone, I appreciate it. I think it hasn't helped that I had to go back to work after 3 1/2 weeks and I could have done with more time, as I always seem to be in more pain by the end

  • Oh no my phone keeps sending my messages too early! I have quit my job though because they treated me so badly for being ill so next week is my last week. It wasn't a really big operation as my endo wasn't very advanced luckily, although still very painful. They also diagnosed me with adenomyosis, which could be contributing quite a bit to my pain. Fingers crossed that things will continue to improve and hope you are all doing well x

  • Hey Tasmin! I had a mirena coil fitted to help control symptoms of endo and it gave me no end of pain. In fact, it made things worse. I had one in for 3 and half weeks before I made them take it out, it just wasn't settling down. My endo adhesions tend to form on my uterine ligaments, and I think the uterus cramping because of the mirena really made everything worse. I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but worth bearing in mind if things don't improve!


  • Sorry that you had such a bad experience with the mirena! I actually had mine removed about a month before my lap so I know the pain can't be anything to do with that x

  • Interestingly I saw my surgeon today and he's going to fit another merina coil at my next laparoscopy. He says better for controlling endo symptoms and as muscles are relaxed during a GA then my uterus shouldn't reject it this time. I am totally petrified of having another one, but he know ms what he's talking about and I made him promise that he'd take it straight out again whenever I want if it's painful!

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