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How long does it take to get lap date through?



I had an appointment with consultant just over 2 weeks ago and it was decided that I should have a lap to confirm or not the diagnosis, she said because I had been going through the system so long to get to this stage she would prioritise and get it sorted soon. I know the actual op may be any time up to around September but I'd really like an idea so I can start preparing and give me something to aim for but does anyone know how long it's likely to be before I even hear from them with possible dates? I rang them a few days ago and they were really unhelpful saying she sorts out her own appointments and I'll just have to keep waiting! Is it worth going back to my GP for them to chase this up for me?

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If the surgeon has said she will prioritise you then there is no point pestering your GP who would in turn pester her. It would be rather impolite to do something like that when she has already been helpful. You could be on a standby list for a vacancy to crop up at any time in the schedule and I would be inclined to recommend you accept this rather than asking for a firm date.

By asking for a confirmed date, you could end up waiting a lot longer.

being flexible is your best chance to get a quicker op done.

operations get cancelled and postponed for a host of reasons all the time, thus making room for those on the priority waiting list.

If you take yourself off the priority waiting list and demand a firm date then it is bound to mean you wait longer for it.

While I appreciate you are probably in quite a bit of discomfort, so too will all her other patients be, and if she does oncology surgery (cancer surgery) which a lot do, those patients will ALWAYS jump the queue ahead of you and so they should, because if you were in their shoes you would want the same level of urgency.

So that will have an impact on your surgeon's workload too.

Please be patient it's only been two weeks. I think the average for a 1st time lap is about 3 months depending on the health authority and the demands on any specific surgeon.

you might be seen quicker or it may take longer, but you will always get a week's notice at least because before the op you need to have a pre-op.

This appointment is the one you wait for, because after that your appointment is imminent. could be as soon as a week later but may be a bit longer.

Pre-op involves a lengthy appointment with a staff nurse who runs through your own medical history and checks your weight, height, allergies, and a host of things that are needed for the anesthetist to know what type and how much anaesthetic to use, and whether you are at risk of DVT with additional precautions being made for that.

it is also the time to voice any concerns and questions you have about the op.

There is plenty you can do before the op to prepare for the hosp visit, and for your care at home afterwards.

If you are a single parent or pet owner, or your partner works away from home for long spells e.g. on oil rigs etc and can't return to you in a hurry - then you need to arrange for someone to come and look after your kids and creatures, or to take them off your hands to care for them for a day or two at least in case you are kept in hosp.

There is nothing to stop you planning ahead for the op, what to pack, what to buy in advance to care for your wounds after the op, informing your employer that you are expecting surgery and it will probably mean 2-3 weeks off work afterwards, but maybe more if the surgeon does more than just a diagnostic lap and actually works on any endo if it is found.

There is no point chasing it up now. If you haven't heard in 2 months time then a gentle reminder might be worth a mention, but it's unlikely to to speed things up much.


The hospital I went to has a 6 week target for diagnostic laps. I waited 4 for mine after seeing the consultant. The whole pathway (assuming you are in England) should be 18 weeks from referral from your GP to treatment (treatment not diagnosis). If you become in breach of the 18 weeks then you will probably become a priority.

That said, I'm sure there are some hospitals who just can't meet the 18 week target.

Hope you get a date through soon x


Please contact the admissions officer (you can get their contact details from the gynae clinc that you were seen at) and ask if she had any idea how long the wait may be. They will have a diary and will be able to give you an estimated time scale.

I did this and I was told mine would be end of June begining of July. (I saw my consultant two weeks ago) I also said that I was more than happy to accept a cancellation date.

It's so frustrating not knowing, isn't it ?

Best of luck.

Barbara x

I've been on the waiting list since last July and I'm still waiting.......

Thanks everyone. I feel a bit bad that it comes across I was being a bit selfish and not considering other patients etc, it's not that at all, and don't want special treatment above anyone let alone those in much greater need, it's just that this is all a bit new to me and there's a few things in my life that are riding on the outcome of this! 18 weeks from the docs appointment when I was referred is mid August, so if they are able to stick to that that won't be too bad :)

It was the admissions officer I spoke to and they couldn't say, I felt a bit fobbed off by her response which is probably why I feel worse about the wait. But thanks for the feedback everyone, a big help, I'll just keep plodding on and what happens happens! :)

Petunias in reply to merlin19

Hi Merlin. Please do not feel bad. I think the reply from Impatient was bang out of order so don't be thinking you came accross selfish, inconsiderate or expecting special treatment - you didn't - at all :-)

You asked a perfectly reasonable question in what should be a welcoming and supportive forum. Unfortunately it is not the first time that someone has felt the need to apologise after having been on the recieving end of one of Impatients unnecessary OTT replies. We are all here to support each other. There isn't one person who is more superior than others although it feels like it sometimes. To answer your original question I'd be inclined to contact PALS even if they can't give you any more info they would be able to reassure you that you are in contact with the right people. Best of luck xx

merlin19 in reply to Petunias

Thanks, I didn't take offence, it was a useful reality check to be honest, but I get your point,and thanks for the support :) The consultant did mention something about the 18 weeks so pretty sure that will stand, and I spoke to the admissions/bookings people and they said that consultant sorts out her own appointments so they couldn't help. I'll give it another few weeks and contact them again if I haven't heard. Thanks everyone :)

Petunias in reply to merlin19

:-) glad your ok & hope you get sorted soon xx

Hidden in reply to merlin19

You are not being selfish at all, you are obviously understandably worried.

If you are in England maybe ring the admissions officer or the consultants secretary and ask if you are on the 18 week pathway.

Many people have commitments that they need to make arrangements for, so I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for a time frame x

Please don't feel bad, I don't know about you but when I'm in pain I don't really stop to think of the ins and out of hospital queuing systems or who's first, all I know is that I want it sorted now!! We are all the same on that front so you have nothing to feel bad about...

I suppose it all depends where in the country you are, for me I was told 1 year hence why I went private but hopefully for you after what the consultant said it will be much much sooner.

Cuddlybarb gave some very good advice, I would try that and see.

Good luck xxx


Not selfish at all. And definitely don't feel bad.

I just like to know when things will happen. It gives me a point in time to aim for. In a way I can wait three or four months as long as I know the time frame. That is why I called the admissions officer.

Are you being prescribed adequate pain relief?

Best wishes,

Barbara x

merlin19 in reply to Hidden

Thanks! I was doing ok and coping with just paracetamol and cosying with a hot water bottle when I could, but the last couple of weeks have been worse and even had to leave work early one day which I've never had to do before (luckily it was Friday so had a really quiet weekend to recover a bit rather than needing more time off), so I think if it doesn't settle down this week I'll go to GP to see if there's something stronger I can have to see me through. I can't have ibuprofen types painkillers as it is bad on my stomach, what other things are available over the counter if I can't get to GP? Thanks!

Hidden in reply to merlin19

I find codeine + paracetamol work well. You can get these in any pharmacy or stronger strength prescribed by your GP.

There are other pain medications to try and it's definitely worth discussing with your GP.

Barbara x

merlin19 in reply to Hidden

Great, thanks, I think I did take them a good while back now when I first started having problems before they had any inkling what the problem was! I might get some just in case and then make an appointment if it's not settled over the weekend.

Thanks again :)

Hidden in reply to merlin19

My pleasure. Please let me know how you are. X

Hi, I saw the consultant on the 25th of April, called the admissions team on monday this week, really just to advise them i was on holiday in August so wanted to aviod those dates, they were great and booked me in for the 4th July, this is just 9 weeks from initally seeing the consultant so i would advise to definalty ring your admissions team to find out how long the list is, it may turn out to be in your benefit, i also was preparred to say i could take a cancellation but obviousl didin't need to, give them a call, you have nothing to lose :)

merlin19 in reply to RSmg28

Great idea, I am also on holiday in a couple of weeks, so maybe if I ring to tell them that it might move things along a bit... can always hope!

Thanks :)

Hi Merlin,

I waited probably just under a month to get my date through - I saw the consultant on the 2nd of April and I'm having the laporoscopy on 22nd July. I have been trying to push it forward because it's put my life on hold at this point, but as Impatient said we are not prioritised in the grand scheme of things - my colleague saw the same consultant and she found a cyst on her ovary through the transvaginal ultrasound, she had her operation 1 week later. Do try to take your mind off it and then take action once you get the date - August is a long time to wait, I have been advised to write to the consultant myself rather than go through my GP (who has already written to the consultant to try and push the op forward to no avail) but I won't give up!! Good luck x

I know exactly how you feel! If in doubt could you contact the consultants secretary through the hospital? I did this and had my lap brought forward by 3 weeks due to a cancellation! Hope you manage to get a date soon! All the best x

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