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14 week wait for Lap?! How long did you have to wait?

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Hi ladies! So I had my gynae appointment last Monday (14th) and was told I'd need a lap to check whether I have endo and if so, how they can treat it etc. I called the hospital today to see how long I could be waiting and they said I'm due to be seen end of July, with my pre-assessment being end of May beginning of June?! Now, call me daft but surely the gynae seeing me last week was pre-assessment enough? I'm in pain every day, I'm not sleeping and am constantly tired. Not forgetting everything else thrown in the mix. I don't know how I'm going to cope like this for 14 weeks! I'm considering going private but just wondered how long others have waited for this? Does it depend on the area your in or is this standard everywhere (I'm in the south west) They said everyone they have referred has to be seen within an 18 week period...TIA Sarah x

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Hi sarah, im in the same situation! I had an emergency lap 7 weeks ago as they thought my ovary was twisted. Turns out it wasn't but had cysts and found out I had endometriosis, I saw my consultant on the 17th and they say I need another lap, I've got to wait approx 18 weeks. Truly fed up , I know how you feel! I'm still off work due to the severity of the pain, but there isn't any rush with the nhs!

I asked on my last hospital visit about going private but they said it needs specialist surgery and in my area (west Yorkshire) there isn't anyone that they knew of!

Hope everything goes ok for you, sorry im not much help. But I feel it sometimes more comforting with people around you


Hi! Thank you for your reply; it looks like the 18 week wait is across the board as I saw another post where someone said the same. It's shocking that there's such a long wait! From posts I've seen I've got it quite easy; I'm not missing work and am managing the pain to a degree, it's just the tiredness, up and down mood swings and crying to songs on the radio I can't deal with lol I'm going to do some research tonight on private treatment so will see what's up your way as well and let you know. Fingers crossed these next few weeks go quick for all of us waiting. This forum has helped me and I've only been on it a week lol It's just nice to know you're not going mad or imagining stuff lol Here's to getting answers soon

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Pmpknpie in reply to MrsRothers

Your welcome. Yes after seeing consultant they asked a nurse who has just been granted to deal with endometriosis patients to talk to me, she gave me info on this site to help.it's nice to know we aren't alone. I just hope my next lap helps with the pain! Yes here's to getting answers xx

In my area it's a year!!!! Whilst the 18 week rules applies all over the UK, it only means that they have to see you or give a plan of action within that time limit, for example if you get prescribed the pill or injections that's you being treated!!! I did have to go private once xxxx

I have my lap in two weeks time, found out 3 weeks ago when I saw the consultant so not bad 5 weeks wait. Im in North West

A year?! Bloody Jesus I'm gonna stop moaning at 18 weeks lol If they prescribe the pill or a form of contraception I'm gonna have to decline anyway as my hubby and I are trying for a baby. Looks like I'm gonna put up and shut up until seen. We're you waiting long when you went private? Thanks for your reply x

Lol thought u would say that!!! Was waiting ages, took 3 months to see consultant and then he delivered the great news I will have a further year to wait for the lap!!! At this stage I could suffer no more and opted to go private, with the same consultant may I add!!!

Btw I'm in N.Ireland xxx

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Belfast1 in reply to Lilykat197

I'm waiting in my Lap in Belfast atm it's 26 weeks at the mo x

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LettyO in reply to Belfast1

Oh no 26 weeks? I am also waiting on lap in Belfast (City Hosp) but didn't know the wait was that long :( Have you been on the list long? I have been waiting since March and have had my pre-assessment and had (foolishly) convinced myself this might mean a shorter wait! Also...has anyone been admitted to hosp the day BEFORE their lap and told they wouldn't be discharged until the day after? Initially I thought it would be a day procedure but at pre-op was informed otherwise :( xx

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Belfast1 in reply to LettyO

Yeah I'm the city too & I've been on the list since the end of March also. My pre assessment is next week and I was hoping this would shorten it too! I rang to make sure they had me down for last minute cancellations.

When was your pre assessment? U seem to be ahead of me so I would really appreciate it if you could let me know when you get your date so that I can judge mine. Good luck x

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LettyO in reply to Belfast1

My pre assessment was on the 6th May (and it was pretty much just to take bloods and complete medical history paperwork - for some reason I was expecting more info relating to my actual op). I stupidly haven't checked if I am on the cancellations list as I have exams coming up in June but am starting to think I should just phone them anyway! I will of course let you know if I have any further news from them :)

I hope you don't mind me asking but were you always expecting the procedure in city hosp? I only ask as originally I was told it would be at Musgrave and then it was changed. Wondering if this will result in quicker or longer wait? :(

Good luck to you too! I hope it is soon for us both - the waiting is unbearable! xx

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Belfast1 in reply to LettyO

Yes I was told it would probably be the city hospital. The waiting is definitely the worst bit but do phone they are very helpful!

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LettyO in reply to Belfast1

So I rang and got put on the short notice list however was told some disturbing news on the phone call...the lovely lady on the phone said that they do aim for a 26 week max waiting time however I am not meeting that target and it will be longer! Longer than 26 weeks!!! So just to say a very big thank you Belfast1 for giving me heads up about the cancellations list! xx

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LettyO in reply to Belfast1

Hi, I've finally got my date! 18th sept, hopefully you won't be waiting long now.

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Belfast1 in reply to LettyO

I had sent you a reply last week thanking you but I'm not sure it went through because I can't find it now!

Anyway best of luck and I really appreciate you letting me know it has given me a real boost x

I'm also in no and saw a consultant dr fogharty private the other day who said I've have a year wait on NHS or a month wait for him.

Although I'm really in two minds as they can't give me a fixed price of treatment they are saying its £3000-£5000 depending on when they do op and see what there.

Can I ask which hospital you used?

Hi, I'm in Australia and I have private health cover so it all went through quite quickly! See doc, got referral then was looking at booking in ASAP lol but, I waited I think a month as I was a little scared and had holidays booked so wanted to get them out of the way.

When the doc fist thought I had endom I had a bad experience with garnie so from then until I went back was 2 years! By choice thou.

Hi, I was in a similar situation - told 12weeks till op - and I asked the hospital could they put me on the cancellation list whilst I was waiting the 12 weeks, which they did and my op actually took place 3 weeks later. Maybe you could try doing the same. Hope you get sorted soon x

I was originally told 8-10months waiting, then it went onto 12months after phoning each month and pushing I managed to get in sooner as they had a cancellation. Hope you get seen soon

Thankfully I've only had to wait 9 wks. Have you called and asked for a cancellation? As soon as you have your pre op assessment then you will get date for your op. Might be worth phoning them n saying you can do short notice appointments. Anything to try speed it up for you x

Hi, I see a few of you mentioned going on the cancellation list, did you get offered to put on it? Or do you have to request it, if so who do you call, your consultant?

Thank you, I've been told 18weeks wait an I'm really struggling with the pain, sooner I can have it the sooner I maybe able to get back to "normal".

Thank you xx

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hayls in reply to Pmpknpie

Yes you need to request to be put on the cancellation list, phone your consultant's secretary and speak to them as it is the secretaries that manage the bookings. Also ask for what the current waiting time is at the mo. Everytime I've asked about cancellations I've always been told that they rarely get cancellations but of course it can happen so always a good option to put yourself forward for these, you will only be able to actually be booked into a cancellation once you have had your pre-op though. Also I would be surprised if you do actually end up waiting the full 18 weeks for a surgery date - on the nhs you MUST be given a date within 18 weeks, so I would guess that some hospitals give that as a guideline to the wait (as its the maximum they are allowed) when they discuss booking you in as they dont necessarily know during the appointment what the current wait is.

Me wife has been diagnosed with endometriosis recently so I have joined here to try find her some answers and find out more. It sounds like it takes time to get any kind of treatment at all which is horrible. I hate seeing her in pain. She has been told up to 18 weeks for a laparoscopy which sounds similar here (we liv . Does it take that long for everyone?

It's awful that there's such a long wait for this procedure and I think anyone wIting should follow the advise given about cancellations. As soon as I've had my pre-assessment I will be getting myself added to it. Hopefully those if us waiting won't be waiting for the full timescale predicted

In oct 2013 after spending a week in hospital I was told id have cyst removed with in 3 months then had ct MRI scans camera in bottom and bladder and was told I have endo which is also on bowel that was march the once again said 3 months well I'm of to endo clinic for first time tomorrow so let's see what they say another 3 months?? Lol it's taken 24 years to be diagnosed so can't moan about 3 months

Hi there , i hope this helps give you an idea of waiting time I am from Belfast too being treated at city hospital I'm waiting for a lap and removal of a cyst from my ovary and Endo

I was referred for surgery on 11th Nov 2013 I had my pre op on 18th of feb 2014 and I'm still waiting for surgery!!! Oh and I am on cancellation list too.

I too thought when I had my pre op I would have my op soon I was told I would be done before July but this will not be the case , they said I could have op in August but they can not be sure ... It all depends on weather your op is regarded as either

routine , Urgent or possible cancerous this will depend on you waiting time well so I'm told by the waiting list at city hospital mine is seen as routine but it is effecting my quality of life both socially and at work ,

I suffer from sever pain daily and tiredness too I hope this helps fingers crossed we get sorted soon xx

Hi i am on waiting list at belfast city hospital since middle/end of march. I was told to expect to wait 9 months for my laparoscopy. Has anyone recieved theirs sooner at the city hospital? Hope to hear back from yous. X

Hi all, new to this site. It's so good to hear what you all are going through as well. I am based in London and received my letter yesterday that I will have my lap on 16th October. I saw my consultant on the 18th August. So just over a week to receive a date and 7weeks wait. I too am bed bound, unable to go to work and thought my wait was ridiculous, but hearing some of your stories I am thankful the London times don't seem as long. I have already done my pre-assessment and have seen my GP today to ask for an urgent patient request letter from them to my consultant and his PA. I strongly advise all of you waiting in agony to push back if your date is months off. I will wait to see if the consultant takes nite of my GPs request. I just keep faith and manage to get by. I've tried so much medication, been bleeding 3.5weeks straight now. Today I start Provera, this is meant to stop my bleeding all together but is not a contraceptive, so hoping I can get my hormones back to a good state when we try for a baby after my lap. Thinking of you all, it's not easy.xox

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