Had pre op now waiting for date - how long??

Hi all. I had my pre op on Friday and I'm still waiting for my date for lap. They said it will be before christmas but I'm still waiting :( it's really difficult to get prepared and ready for Xmas when I haven't got a clue when I'm going in!! I just wondered how long you waited for your date and how much notice did you get. Thank you xx

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  • I saw my gynaecologist on the 4th of December, have my pre-op on 17th December and laproscopy on the 4th of January. Realistically you should have a date no longer than 6 weeks after your initial consultation with a consultant as it's a diagnostic test & you'll be on something called the 18 week pathway which the nhs use. From gp visit/refferal to hospital up to being discharged from hospital care should last no longer than 18 weeks x

  • Hi I had my appointment with gynaecologist on the 1st October, pre op on the 21st October and had lap on 29th October. I had date for lap before I got date for pre op.

    I suppose everywhere is different, I really hope you don't have to wait long for a date and all goes smoothly for you xx

  • I received both my letters at the same time for pre-op and operation. Can you not contact anyone for an answer? I think i received my letters in beginning of october and i had operation in November.

    Good luck, it is hard times to wait for an operation and wait until it will happen. Hope everything will be ok!

  • Thanks for all your replies. Just got a letter to say it's the 29th dec. I'm so pleased it's after Xmas. I'm just even more nervous now. Will let u all know how it goes xx

  • Fantastic, hope you feel amazing afterwards xx

  • Thank you. I'm getting really worried now but can't wait to find out what's wrong. I have been getting bowel and bladder symptoms now as well so I'm a bit nervous what they will find. Hope you are feeling better after your lap xxx

  • Don't be worried, whatever they find at least you will have answers and can get the right treatment. My lap ended up being just diagnostic, they found I had endo everywhere and as it was quite complicated they have referred me to another surgeon. I feel a lot better now, nicely healed up. I am going back to discuss removing endo and probably a hysterectomy, one of my ovaries is definitely coming out.

    I was quite nervous before lap but I won't be as nervous next time, it was no where near as bad as I had imagined and everyone at the hospital was so lovely.

    I hope everything goes really well for you xx

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