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How long after a lap should my pain last????

I had my first lap to remove deep infiltrating endo from my POD and US ligaments. This was 5 weeks ago now and im still in so much pain, I think its actually worse now than before the lap! Havent had a day without Codeine for so long. Does anyone know how long the pain will last? Or if this is normal? I know removing the endo is supposed to relieve the pain, keep hoping tomorrow will be the day I turn the corner, but no luck so far:( I went back to work too soon I think, only after a week. But I cant help feeling like there is something going on with all this pain? Has the lap actually worked? or made it worse somehow?????

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Hi snow11

Sorry I can't answer you're question but I'm in a similar position to you. I had lap 5 1/2 weeks ago and have had bad rectal pain (that I never had before the lap) since. My GP can't tell me what the problem is but has managed to bring my appointment with the consultant forward so I am hoping to get some answers on Tuesday. I'm also worried that the lap might have made things worse but maybe its just taking longer to heal??

Have you got a review with your consultant due or is there any way you can bring it forward if you are concerned.



Just read your comment and I had to reply as even though I don't have endo on my bowel or anything, I was convinced that they had been having a good poke around there too as I had bad rectal pain after my lap. This has gradually gone away (I had my lap in July) but I don't know what it is, I never got to the bottom of it..

No pun intended! Xx


I had a big hole op, but had lots of work done inside and the inside pains didn't disappear for months. The op was July , by X-mas i was op pain free.

But different pains eased up at different times.

Laser work took 2-3 months to get over.

The surgery done in the pod, removing cysts and ovary and cleaning up the other ovary took 4 months i reckon.

The bladder took 17 months (which is pretty exceptional) and so 5 weeks is not really very long in the recovery process.

It is pretty similar to a hysterectomy op, which requires 2months off work...but if you do feel up to returning to work sooner make sure it is in an undemanding role.

No kids jumping on you, no stretching up to top shelves, carrying heavy boxes etc.

If you have a physically demanding job then you should not return to work till you are well on the mend otherwise you risk over doing things and having a set back.

It is still early days yet ladies. Even though the skin holes will have healed on the outside, it is quite a different story inside and it does take quite some time to get op pain free.



It could possibly be an infection after op as I had terrible pain after mine and it ended up being an infection. Worth going to gp as you may need a course of antibiotics.

Hope your better soon :-) Nat x


Thank you so much for all your replies:) I am so lucky and I have managed to bring forward my post op (that wasnt until Dec 3rd) to this tuesday...car08500 so tuesday is a big day for both of us!!!I got a cancellation. so hoping to get some answers then. The worst pain is when I pee/bowel movement, but pain inside. Then it is just so painful all the time anyway, even if im not doing anything at all:/ Anyway, Ill keep you updated! Hope everyone else is feeling ok x


Interestingly Nat18 I have just been to doctors and have got a urine infection although I had no symptoms. Says would be unusual to be causing rectal pain however.

Mine is also painful all the time but doesn't hurt particularly when I have a bowel movement

Hope all goes well with the consultant tomorrow snow11. Lets hope we get some answers/reassurance


Hello. As Nat says please ask for a swob to see if you have an infection. I had a lap in Aug & have antibiotics now for Vaginitis Bacteria caused by the mirena . Hope you feel a bit brighter soon.


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