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My Life Living With Chronic Pain

My Life Living With Chronic Pain

I'd like to share my story with you all.

The pain started when i was just 16 years old, before hand i always had heavy, painful periods lasting over 8 days, and having to wear 2 or more sanitary towels at a time.

On a weekend of shopping, i wasn't feeling to brilliant but carried on with my shopping anyway, suddenly i had an unbearable pain in my bum, between my legs and lower back causing me to collapse in the middle of the store.

I was then taken into A&E where they done tests on me and told me i was pregnant, i was really confused as i was still a virgin! And then they went on to tell me it was a urine infection, (i have no idea how they got both of them mixed up) as i was waiting for my antibiotics i noticed two nurses pointing at me and laughing, this made me feel so awful, so i just left as i was so upset!

This pain started becoming more frequent, getting them every month, i went to my family GP who told me it was completely normal! So i just left it at that.

My periods started becoming even more heavier, resulting in me having days and days off of school as i could barely walk, because so much blood was coming out of me!

I kept having this awful pains, but i refused to go to the hospital because of the treatment i received last time i went. I suffered on my own for 5 years as know one would listen to me.

At the age of 21 everything suddenly became 100 times worse, the pain reached the point where i couldn't even move or walk, I ended up fainting in the shower, causing injuries to myself and my mum who thankfully caught me. I was rushed by ambulance to A&E where i was kept in the SAU over night, they thought my appendix had burst. I was terrified.

After a number of tests i was told once again it was only a urine infection. But i knew there was so much more to it! I was giving pain killers and antibiotics. These made me incredibly ill as my body was rejecting them because i DIDN'T have a urine infection.

I went back to my GP who rang the local hospital to ask for my tests results to be sent over so she could look at them herself. Turned out that they done no tests what so ever and just assumed i had a urine infection, myself, my doctor and family were so angry and upset.

I was sent to see a gynecologist in july 2011 who diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), i felt relieved to have a diagnosis! I was put on metformin, which made all the symptoms ease, but there was still something wrong, i was still in a massive amount of pain!

I went back to my GP who changed the metformin to the slow release metformin, this made my symptoms better, but i was still in a lot of pain, i just gathered that it was completely normal.

The next 4 months i was in and out of A&E being told the same thing every time, 'I'm sorry we don't know what is wrong so we can't help you'. I was utterly devastated when i heard this, feeling i had to suffer for the rest of my life.

For a treat after a really tough year, my mum treated me to a holiday in Egypt, unfortunately for the whole of the second week i was bed bound, in a hell of a lot of pain, and vomiting and i couldn't deal with it. The flight home was a disaster, the whole flight i was in agony and had my head in a bag :(.

When i finally got home i had to call in sick to work as i was in agony, the pain had got worse, Instead of once a month it was happening every other day! I couldn't cope! On the 11th of november 2011 i was once again rushed into A&E i woke up a 5.30 AM in the most excruciating pain i have ever felt in my life, i could not move my body at all, i was seen straight away as they knew it was very serious, i was again taken to the SAU, were tests were done, i was then sent to the Frensham ward were i felt very safe and they looked after me very well. I was kept in for one week.

Finally action was taken, Doctors had said that my symptoms and pain could be Endometriosis, i had done my research on the disease, telling my GP and Gyno that it could possibly be this, but they choose not to listen, there the doctors so they know best!

I'm happy people are finally listening, and taking notice, i am now waiting for a laparoscopy to determine that it is Endomitrosis, i have been signed off work for a few months, and now walk with one crutch when the pain gets to much, my hair is fining and falling out, i'm so upset and angry i had to wait this long and suffer untill i got noticed, My advice to ladies is to really fight your corner and make people listen! I wish i did!

Good luck to you all

And God bless


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Hi LadyA

Thank you for sharing your story ,In lots of ways your symptoms are very similar to mine ,there have been times where i have collapsed and had to rushed to hospital not only because of pain but also because of the amount of blood i was losing

On one occasion i was rushed into hospital and had surgery to remove my appendix only to find out that my appendix were fine.

I have been told numerous times in the past that i had a uti,it was just period pains and have even been told that i was exagerating that amount of pain i was in.

I Do hope that your lap goes well and you are able to find some relief from the amount of pain you are in

Good luck LadyA

Lotsa love xxxx


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