Help I can't function properly

I had been suffering with none stop abdominal pain for 4-6 weeks now. I seen countless A&E. They did a ultrasound scan, blood test, urine sample and a swab. Everything came out OK. I had just gotten a urine infection 2 days ago. Went to the doctor again she said the pain is related to the infection. I'm pretty sure it's endometriosis. I was like if it would have been an infection it would have been discovered few weeks ago. The pain feels like it's stabing or bursting. No cysts were detected however they could not see my left ovary clearly. Doctors though it was PID gave me antibiotics even if everything came out like normal. I'm being dismissed from everywhere. Seen 9 doctors. Don't know what to do I can't function properly anymore please help me.

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Endometriosis will not usually show up on an ultrasound. You need to get an MRI, the more modern MRI machines will usually show it up. That may mean going to a hospital a little further away than your local one, depending on the type of machine they have.

It may be that your local NHS won't do MRI's without a gynaecologist referring you. If you want to cut waiting time, seeing someone privately will cost about £200 and then you can get put on their NHS list for the MRI itself and any operation you might need. But you have to pick one that also works for the NHS (many do). Whether you go private or not demand that your GP refers you to one of the endometriosis specialists on the list on the BSGE website.

I'm going privately but not in the UK. I am going to ask for his opinion and get it legally translated. After doing this I will present it to my doctor

Hi Andrea97k

Sorry to hear of your struggle. Have you seen our page on getting a diagnosis?


If you need someone to talk it through with we have a team of people on our free confidential helpline who would be happy to have a chat.


Endometriosis UK

Why does that document say the only way to diagnose endometriosis is by laparoscopy when it can now be detected by an MRI?

I would also add that in my experience most doctors don't have a clue about endometriosis. I've even seen several gynaes that failed to diagnose it and didn't even seem to consider it to be a possibility.

Hi andrea97k

I am in same position as you, i have been in a&e about 6 times in last 8 weeks, i was given antibiotics for diverticulitus even thiugh i told them i thought it was gynae related , then ive been in pain still since then, i can barely move at mo as straighttening up hurts and feel like my pelvis is ripping apart. I have a appointment with a gynae in week time but i am beyond depressed as i cant work or go out. I have lost over a stone in weight where i cant even eat coz the pain. It so sad. I just kept getting misdiagnosed in a&e, gallstones, ibs, kidney infection, water infection blah blah .... why dont dr listen when u say IT MY OVARYS AND WOMB THAT BLOODY HURT!! I do know...

I know right I'm going to go to A&E again and say my pain is in left ovary which had been unclean to see I can't move do something

Iet me know how that one goes lol , i did it sunday went to a&e and they actually said well what do u want us to do? Hmmm u tell me? I eventually saw a gynae in hosp and he was do disinterested i coulda run around naked and he wouldnt have noticed me... he kept telling me it ibs!! Someone that eats abything and has no stomach pain ! It pelvic pain left hand side

I know they say it ibs. But it can't be ibs if its so low in the abdomen

Its ALWAYS ibs when they cant b bothered to deal with you

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