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Had pain for ages - endometriosis mentioned as a possibility



I have been experiencing pain in my abdomen on my right side and sometimes down into my groin. I have been experiencing this since Feb. Went to hospital the first time where they did an ultrasound and was told it showed nothing was sent home with painkillers. I then was admitted again in March where another ultrasound was done and was told I had an ovarian cyst which had burst and was sent away again. Was admitted a third and FOURTH time where an ultrasound was done again and nothing not even another cyst.. Then they finally decided to do a CT scan that showed nothing either so my GP mentioned that she thinks it could possibly be endometriosis and she wants me to go for a laparoscopy to diagnose this.

Could this be endometriosis do you think?? Help!!

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I would definitely consider a lap, I’ve just replied to a similar post and will say the same to you, laparoscopy is the only gold standard of diagnosing endometriosis. Good on your GP for at least suspecting it as my experience has been that most are useless and make u think you’re just making the pain up.

An ultrasound will not always show Endo, in fact most of the time it won’t, just occasionally it may pick up something eg a stuck down ovary which may suggest adhesions but I would never rely on an ultrasound for any Endo diagnosis. I’m afraid a lap is your best bet so they can see exactly what’s happening. Sometimes in the cases of severe deeply infiltrating Endo it may show up on an MRI scan but a lap is the only clear way of diagnosis. All the best x

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Thank you! I hope its not endo but I have always had really heavy sore periods and so much symptoms of endo recently xx

Hey, I had my lap on Tuesday and my ultrasound scan came back clearly but they found a large blood cyst on my ovary close to bursting and some endo.

I have a lot of symptoms of endo mainly during my period or ovulation. You would have to see a gynaecology first and they will discuss treatment more thorough etc xx

I am being put to chat to a gynae specialist first so they know my symptoms/pain etc. My abdomen is sore when they push deep down into it. It's horrible. Thanks for your advice xx

Yeah my stomach hurt when they used to press onto it especially around my bikini line xx

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