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Pain after internal ultrasound

Yesterday I went for another ultrasound, which thankfully got pushed forward by my GP. Even though I drank 2 pints of water, I apparently had 100mls in my bladder so they offered an internal or to come back another day. I basically demanded the internal, as I was currently in pain and thought this could be my best chance to see if anything comes up.

I've had 2 internal scans before (1 in July and 1 in August) and they were uncomfortable but NOTHING like this one! From the moment the sonographer used the internal probe I had the worst cramping/stabbing pain ever and started crying. The sonographer offered to stop, but I told them to continue as I just wanted it over and done with.

For a while he couldn't find my right ovary, I have no idea why as internal ultrasounds are closer to your ovaries so it shouldn't be too hard. I had to push down on my abdomen where my ovary was for a good 5 minutes before he could find it.

I left the room shaking and crying and my boyfriend had to carry me back to the car, I struggled getting out of the car and since then I've been in severe pain and I can't bend over, it feels like someone is squeezing my right ovary :( A hot water bottle helps a bit, but I've ran out of painkillers until tomorrow. I've also been spotting slightly (even though I've had a mirena fitted in February and was on cerazette for years before and haven't bled in 6 years).

I just made this post to get it off my chest really, I feel so upset because of this pain and I KNOW nothing is going to show up on this scan, as usual! I was kind of worried that he couldn't find my right ovary, but I assume if it was anything serious he wouldn't have let me leave the hospital?

Now I have to wait 10 days to go back to my GP. I just feel so worried because I'm in so much pain and nothing is showing up on scans or blood tests, I feel like it's all in my head sometimes!

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There are 24hr pharmacies to get pain killers from- even petrol stations and late night supermarkets sell pain killers, and if the pain is too severe for over the counter meds then you can go to A&E or an NHS drop in centre.

It could be that the process popped a cyst or dislodged the mirena coil or that the missing ovary is twisted and stuck with adhesions in an awkward position - there could be lots of possible reasons for the pains - but you don't need to be suffering like this and should be able to get help for a more comfortable nights sleep and hopefully there isn't anything too serious going on and the pains will calm down in the next day or two.

Cysts can be leaking causing continuous pain and be very hard to locate. I had an 8cm cyst hidden in the POD missing in external and internal scans till I mentioned I also had a missing ovary at a subsequent scan and the scanner lady made a really thorough examination with the probe and suddenly found the whopper that previous scans had missed. Don't give up trying to find the cause.


Thank you so much for replying! My mother popped into Asda and got some ibuprofen and paracetamol, it doesn't really help but it takes the edge off to help me sleep.

I never thought of a leaking cyst, my last scan said everything was clear and normal, but a leaking cyst could really explain a lot.. When I was admitted to hospital I had a burst cyst that was bleeding and causing me severe pain.

I'm not sure if he found the ovary as he didn't say a single word (which I know is the rule) but an indication would've been nice!

I'm going to call my doctor on Friday and see if they can look at the scan earlier and see me because I have this constant pain where my left ovary is and I struggle to get out of a chair because I can't lean forward due to the pain :(

Thank you so much for your input I really appreiciate it!


I know your post is 7 months old now, but I've been having what sounds to be an almost identical experience to yours after my transvaginal ultrasound yesterday. My doctor is trying to figure out the cause of my chronic pelvic pain and suspects endometriosis but of course wants to rule out other things too. The ultrasound itself was quite painful and immediately after it I started feeling pain (sometimes more of discomfort, it kind of alternates but without bleeding) in what I assume to be my right ovary. I didn't have pain specifically there before. In hopes that you may get a notification about this reply to your post, I'm wondering if you or your doctor were able to figure out why this happened. Any words of wisdom?

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Hi! I am 59, can't empty my bladder and keep having recurring bladder infections. They did an internal ultrasound yesterday, and when she hit one spot I nearly went through the roof. I bled a little bit, but now I have cramps. Waiting to get the results....Has anyone else had this? Cramps? Unable to empty bladder? Bladder infections?

Thanks so much! Nena


Im experiencing the exact same. Have you found anything out yet?


Not sure how it is available to get pain killers anywhere. Here in the US it can only be by prescription. Mine is almost out and in need of pain meds for ovarian cyst/ fibroids and previous neck surgery. If you know anywhere in CALIFORNIA to get meds ,let me know.!

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