Trace blood in urine??

Hi I had my pre op on Friday and they done a urine test she said there was a trace of blood but no infection. For the last year or so I have had about 6 urine tests and they have all had a trace of blood. The samples were sent to be checked and came back clear with no problems. The dr said to follow this up with the urologist but they never refer me!! I have never seen blood in my urine it's almost clear so it is just a trace picked up. I just wondered if anyone has had this and is it part of endo. I will be going to dr tomorrow to ask to be referred as I'm starting to get really worried xx

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  • Hi I've had this too, but don't know why. Dr asked if I was on my period but I wasn't, I think with me it might have something to do with the fact that I have a 11cm endometrioma which keeps leaking so maybe it's linked with that. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I think it maybe all linked too. It's just really worrying when all these things come up and not sure why. Just wanted to check it's not just me and maybe just another symptom x

  • I have had traces of blood in my urine for a good while now may not be due to endo as we can't put everything down to that

    My gp has never been bothered about it so neither have I .

    Sorry this hasn't been much help

  • I've also had trace blood in my urine the last 4 tests. My dr wasn't bothered by it either. I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids but feel sure I have endo and have at for many years. I had a pelvic MRI last week for pre- embolisation treatment assessment and am just waiting for an appointment for the results. I find it interesting that trace blood in the urine may be connected to endo.

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm just really worried it's something to do with my bladder. I'm going to dr today to get checked more. I can't believe doctors don't worry when it can be a big sign of some health issues. I'm just hoping it is to do with endo and nothing serious xx

  • I had a cystoscopy in September and this showed my bladder was very healthy and not the cause of the traces. I then had a ct scan which showed a large mass pressing on my uterus - a fibroid. Although, that is also not the cause of the trace blood, it did explain my constant need to pee. I'm currently waiting for embolisation treatment for the fibroids they've found. But I'm positive I have endo too but they won't send me for a laparoscopy just like that so I'm hoping the MRI will show something. I completely understand how worried you are - I was. But, it's safe to say the chances of it being caused my anything more sinister are extremely low - and from the responses to this question trace blood in urine is very common amongst us ladies in this group. Good luck darling and let us know how the referral to the urologist goes. XxxxxX

  • Thanks so much for your reply. You have all put my mind at rest so I'm going to not worry too much now. It's so difficult when you have so much pain and symptoms and you don't know what's going on. I have my lap due in the next couple of weeks so will ask them and see what happens. Xx

  • Everytime I previously had a urine test there was always traces of blood but no infection. However, 5 years ago I had a mri and it picked up that I had a mass in my bladder. I was then referred to a urologist and following a cystoscopy to remove the mass it turned out to be endo in my bladder. I would ask to be referred to a urologist just in case. The endo in my bladder returned and I just recently had it removed again.

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you are having these problems. I will be going to dr today to get referred. Can I just ask do you have other bladder issues like urgency and pain when you need to go. I keep getting this when I'm ovulating until my period starts xx

  • Yes especially around the time of my period and a few weeks after my period. I was always on the look out for the nearest toilet everywhere I went. Once the endo was removed from my bladder this changed.

  • I to have blood in my urine EVERYTIME it's tested Hun, the doctor didn't seem to concerned by this? Thought when I was admitted to gynaecology the gynaecologist said it was a mystery as to why every sample has blood in it though when sent to lab nothing shows, he said it was a mystery roll on lap Hun, good luck and hope you get some answers so nothing worse than feeling so worried and uneasy here if you need an ear xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply. It's made me feel so much better knowing it's not unusual. It really worries me when the dr looks at me puzzled as to why there is always traces of blood there (they are meant to be the professionals!!) I always assume the worst when I get symptoms. I will relax a bit more now. Take care xx

  • I have endo on my bladder and have urgency, always know where a toilet is, I can get up in the night 7 times. Had my lap in October and they didn't remove the endo. Each month I suffer as if I have a Uti I dipstick my urine every month and it shows as concentrated (probably because I don't like to drink too much incase I can't get to a toilet) but it also had traces of blood (I work on a ward) I asked the drs there and they said if it's concentrated that's why the blood is there and I need to drink more xx

  • Thanks for your message. That helps a lot. I don't drink enough either. I never have so this makes sense (I will be drinking more now!!) I have my lap in next couple of weeks so will see what they find. I also have urgency, mainly during ovulation. It's really reassuring to know it is probably all linked and nothing to serious. Take care xx

  • Mummycox33 good luck with lap would love to hear how you get on sorry haven't been on in a while been so tired and not in mood for anything xxxx

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I have my date now for the 29th so I'm really nervous now. I know what you mean about being tired Ive only been up since 9 and I could easily go back to bed!! Will let you know how my lap goes on the 29th. Take care and have a great christmas xx

  • Hope it all goes well and you have a lovely Christmas too, will all be worth it and hopefully you get some answers and start to feel better xxxx speak soon mummycox33

  • Could be endo infiltrating the bladder or else a persistent but low grade bacterial infection that's not getting picked up. Don't be worried you can get treatment and could be minor. Just go in and say point blank that you want to be referred to a urologist urgently on the basis that you have endo and have had ongoing history of trace blood in urinary analysis.

    To be honest if you are going in for a lap anyway the endo specialist will obviously check around the bladder. If there is any disease there they will try to remove it which could resolve the problem. If it's more substantial infiltrating the bladder then they will probably book you for a further surgery that's multidisciplinary with an accompanying urologist who has experience with endo.

    Don't panic it could be nothing and it sounds like you're doing everything you can to deal with it so it's under control.

    Good luck with the surgery and referral x

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