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What does your pain feel like?

Hello, i've not been diagnosed yet and as this has been going on so long, i'm always questioning if i really have endo or not. My pain has got so much worse these past 6 mths. I get normal period pain type cramps, but also (mainly) on the right side pain which is about the size of a fist and feels like this area is one massive bruise and someone is pressing into it with their full force. Is that what other people's pain is like? I also have pain when going to the loo (both) and this always makes me cry its so bad. I get lots of bloating too and aching hips and lower back, but they is probably unrelated. Thanks all.x

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sorry to say yes this sounds like endo....you should ask to be referred to gynae..and have a lap o help diagnose.xx


Oh thanks Missee. I've rung my doctor, waiting for a call back. Last time i saw her she said to try tranexamic acid along with mefenamic acid for the pain. Neither have worked for the pain, though the bleeding is more regular now. I'll ask her to refer me. Hope you're having a good day? Thanks again.x


i wouldnt call it a good day but i can walk..lol..so glad youve spoke to your doc...from sounds of your symptoms your really struggling. you defo need a lap .....and i dint think defamic workd until docs messed my prescription up i went for 6days with out them and the soreness was horrific i defo noticed not having them they do there bit and every little helps (bum tap)lol...xxxx


my lower left pelvis feels like somebody has tied some string to it in all different directions and they keep tugging it, it also feels like something is gnawing at it, and grinding, it affects my lower back and goes down my left leg, with frequent shooting, stabbing pains, as soon as i have been sat down or laying down it takes about half an hour before i can walk properly its like it all seizes up......thats my everyday pain normal pain, which i call the good days. when my period comes, i have all that plus several hours of contractions, exactly the same as proper labour, on these days i cannot do anything, these days can last 7-10 days, and becomes so exhausting. i also get pain when going for wee or opening bowels, really bad again when on period.

i was only diagnosed recently, my ovaries are stuck together, and stuck to everything else basically, womb stuck to bowel and bladder, they said too extensive to remove at time of lap so i have to wait for another op.

but yes i would say you need to get referred and get this pain checked out so make sure you push your gp. have you had any scans or anything done yet? thats where they usually start is scans xx


Just on the hips thing: that's common with endo. I fell a mixture of crushing/squashing/aches to "i want to rip my hips off! I find this pain goes into my lower back too.

It's really hard when you feel like no-one listens and no-one understands, and having no official "name" for what causes you pain is so hard. Hope your GP agrees to refer you and that you get seen quickly x


Hi noticed its a while since your post just wondered about your symptoms of endo. I have not been diagnosed with anything as yet but I have terrible constant pain in both hips and lower pelvis that does go in to my back I've had the pain constant for 6 weeks not unable to work or even go shopping dud your endo symptoms start suddenly? X


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