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Do laps help to clear things up to assist getting pregnant?


I got diagnosed with stage 4 endo about 5 years ago. Ended up having an 8 hr lap and a bit of bowel removed. It's still in my womb but tubes were then apparently clear. Quite a lot of scar tissue too. Been managing the pain and the condition with the merina coil and continuous pill.

Last MRI said is has returned esp in my bowel again. The dr (never met before and had not had time to read my history) who delivered this news gave me 3 options. Hysterectomy. Another Lap. Or do nothing.

Being a ticking time bomb I am going to try and have baby now (36), not the best time but I am running out of time. The Dr would not advise which option (2 or 3) would assist the most, can't give that advise, apparently. I am off to see my gp to ask his view next week.

Anyone had a similar situation? Would a lap be worth putting off trying for 6 months or so?

Hope you are all feeling ok and managing the pain x

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Majority of doctors say that the best period to fall pregnant is after lap when endo is gone or in minimum and everything inside is nice and clear.

If it was me I would do the lap, my gynae told me to try only for 6 months after lap and if not pregnant to go back for further tests etc. (I'm 32 years old). He says when there is history of endo and the woman is after her 30s it is better to act fast and not to wait for a year or so.

But it is up to you what you want to do. I'm about to start trying and I will wait only 6 months before my next step.

I hope i didnt confuse you even more! x


No, thank you that was really helpful. Good luck with trying :) xx


Thank you :)

Wishing you all the best too :) xx


Hi there,

I was diagnosed with endo when i was 18 (8 years ago)

I too was told at 21 that i needed a hysterectomy which i refused. I have since had 5 laparoscopys, 1 laparotomy and several key holes to remove cysts.

In 2009 i fell pregnant 3 times all resulting in miscarriage the last one was a missed miscarriage and the baby was found dead on a scan. I then had to have the same procedure as they do with terminations to remove the baby but while under they did a laparoscopy and removed my endo. They said i was at stage 4. All of this happened in the December and by march i was pregnant again and this time i got to 34 weeks before having to be enduced but now have a healthy little boy.

I have actually Just got home from hospital as i have been in alot of pain for last week and may be pregnant again.

So from my experience i would advise you to have the lap and once your fully healed let nature take its course. Dont listen to anyone advising a hysterectomy not if you want a baby.

Oh and just to let you know the miscarriages where due to a blood clotting problem i have, i dont want to scare you!!

Good luck with everything x


Oh my goodness, given all you have going on I'm so appreciative of your advice and time. Thank you. And so pleased you have a healthy wee boy. Good luck with your latest pain episode, and possible pregnancy. You are an inspiration! X


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