Those 3 little words that mean so much.....'Are you okay?

Well, I did the one thing I hate doing at work today, I burst into tears. Throughout the morning the moron I work with had gradually worn me down until the last straw. Every day for about 2 months he's whined about how he's got 3 weeks of annual leave left to take before the end of March.Several times I've said that I have very little leave left due to taking time off earlier in the year to recover from illness. But being the insensitive troll that he is he doesn't get the hint. Well today I'd had enough and asked him 'Why are you telling me this?' He, of course, took offence and bit my head off. I held it all in and was making my way to my favourite spot- the store room, to have a little blubber and pull myself together. Unfortunately I bumped into the big big big boss who started asking about a case but suddenly paused mid-sentence and said those 3 fatefull words 'Are you okay?'

Just the fact that someone actually noticed I was not ok was enough to crack my fragile facade and the floodgates opened. Oops. She then got it both-barrells how the troll stresses everyone he works with, and how almost every female he's worked with complains about him, but nothing is ever done about it! On the upside she said she'll speak to my manager about it, but I don't hold out great hopes of anything changing :-(

Really hate bursting into tears a work as I'm sure most people dissmiss it as me being hormonal and so miss the fact I'm making a valid point.

Gah rant over

50mg ami, cerazette, loratidine

PS: thanks to all the lovely ladies who have been commenting on my blog. I read each and every comment. Big hugs to you all xxx

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  • I know exactly what you mean, I work in oil & gas industry as an engineer and I'm the only girl there :/ Except from the 'are u ok?' its something else that gets on my nerves...

    'but you look fine....' gosh how i want to start screaming at this point telling them exactly how i felt the since last year and how many times i was in severe pain but pretending to be alright....

    heat pad, pregabalin 150mg ;)


  • I HATE that sentance "BUT YOU LOOK FINE TO ME". I feel like flying headbutting them. LOL

    If I had £1 for eveytime people said that, i'd be rich... then maybe I could pay private for my treatment. LOL

    Dee xx

  • that is so true jojo about " but you look fine" people cant get it into their heads that because there are no external signs and we get up and get on with things that we have a chronic illness. its just ignorance. at least more people now are starting to have heard of endo. when i was first diagnosed i, my friends and family had never even heard of it. now they all have ;) funnily enough :P x

  • What a day you've had!!. I do hope yur ok??. I hate evil insensitive trolls... I know quite a few and have been in simlar situations to yourself. Everyone thiks i'm so strong and brave but inside i'm a normal frightened little girl.

    I felt an awful wave and sense of sadness whilst reading your blog above, a reality and realisation of being in an simlar situation. I felt sick for you... That moment when someone asks if your ok??. Your fighting baack the tears and just want to run and hide embarrassed because your upset!. Lets face it, we have a right to be upset!.

    I do hope that insensitive prat gets his karma!! People like that do in time. Imagine if that spinless idiot had to live a day of our lives???!!!. The simple answer is... HE WOULDN'T SURVIVE. He's lucky I wasn't there, I'd of grabbed his dangly bits!!! hahahaha that would teach him! ENDO GIRLS- 1 MAN TROLL- Nil.

    ;-) xxx

  • Hooray!!! I'm up for it! lol

  • Here here, I've encountered some very, very insensitive people in recent months. Because I look gastly 90% of the time and are sometimes quiet because of a blinking pain I'm in, I've been accused of making them feel awkward and like they are walking on egg shells. I've cried too in work, the worst thing I could have possible done as I just got accused of being inappropriate and questioned as to whether my condition is really that bad. I didn't realilse at the time I was suffering with depression. As I've done and many other women, we solider on wanting to live our lives instead of hiding away in shame, keeping on battling in the hoping for that one day when we feel pain free even if it is for a little while, I sure didn't realise that depression was sneeking up on me. I haven't felt right for a long time. I feel like I'm drowning, almost dying in side haven't been sure of where to turn, expect for you ladies who really help. You are all angels.

    I hope that prat gets a taste of his own medicine and a course on how to put his brain in geer before his mouth.

    Love to you all xxx

  • Sometimes its good to have a good cry. Its a release of all the tensions and negative energies. Granted work may not be the number choice location, but it cant be helped when you feel its overwhelming. ive had a good cry at work before too and my boss was not at all sympathetic, but sometimes it can help you to realise that something needs to change as you say. maybe you cant change the way he behaves towards you, but you are taking the first steps towards changing the way you react to him. asking him "why are you telling me this?". some people are insensitive and if you let them they will continue with their behaviour. perhaps just tell him you are not interested or ignore him. could you wear headphones and listen to music at work? I have a similar individual in my office so that is what i have done. i just sit listening to the radio. i dont know whether this is possible in your job role, but if there are any trigger points or people then perhaps try to minimise contact with them. sorry i cant be of more help, but i hope you are feeling better today xxx

  • I hope he books his holidays and it rains . X



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