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Terrified by consultant's reaction


I'm not even home from my CT scan with contrast this morning and I've already had a phone call from the consultants secretary asking me to come to appointment next Thurs to discuss. We all know how unusual it is for such an immediate response and for such a short wait for appointment. This is all making me very scared for what he's seen in the scan. I've always had the feeling he's not been telling me something.

The other thing that freaks me out is that my endo was discovered following an mri with orthopaedics. I was referred to gynae and the consultant said the specialist Centre was dealing with me as his speciality is cancer. I was told they wanted another mri to help plan surgery. When those results came back, I was told they wanted the ct scan and that I have a cyst behind my uterus. The gynae said the ct scan was to plan surgery and once he had the results, he'd phone me a few days later to discuss. The fact I've been phoned the day of the scan, like an hour later to meet with him, not the endo specialist in less than a week just fills me with fear.

Before endo was ever mentioned to me, about 2.5 years ago, a GP did some tests and told me I had all the signs of ovarian cancer. The gynae totally rejected this. They then totally rejected endo and I had a clear lap. I've been told that I do in the fact have endo and now I'm worried I'm about to be told that I do also have ovarian cancer.

I know no one can really know what he's going to tell me but I just hoped sharing this might help me cope. I'm pretty terrified.

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Hi Weekari

I'm sorry to see how concerned you are about your upcoming consultation. If you need someone to talk to you could try ringing our Helpline on 0808 808 2227. The helpline is staffed by women who all have experience of endometriosis, they will be able to offer you some support. The opening times are on our website endometriosis-uk.org/helpline. I hope you are able to find some support either from the Helpline or from people on the forum , while you wait to speak to your consultant.

Best wishes

Lynne - Endometriosis UK


Thank you so much. That's a great suggestion.

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Oh hunni, I wish I had words of advice but I don't really know what to say.

I think you need to try to focus on the positives that they are looking into treatment options and they are doing things quickly. Especially considering how long you have had to wait to get to this point. I know that's easier said than done definitely.

Im here for you, you are not alone in the journey.

And I am hoping its just endo. Xxx

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Thank you for replying, and your kind words. It helps and it means a lot.



Hi lovely, sorry I don’t have any answers. But keep positive.

You’ve had lots of previous tests so if it was something serious you would like to think they would of mentioned it before now.

Thinking of you, if you want a chat pop me a message xx


We are all here for you xxxx


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