struggling to eat and Amitriptyline

hi all recently i have been struggling to eat food i had to cyst left on my ovary and these last couple of month i have not been able to eat a full meal and these last two days every time i have eaten its come back up after visiting my gp today he's cut back on all my pain relief and put me on a low dose of co codamol and amitriptyline has anyone else used these and have they helped not sure how a antidepressant will help as im not depressed but he said these have been used to help treat chronic pain for years .and thinks the tramadol may been making me feel worse ant advice would be good thanks

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  • I had a leaking cyst a few weeks back and constantly felt sick and couldn't eat. The doc thought it was tramadol as well but after the cyst bust I no longer felt sick. It really was a horrible feeling. Are they looking to remove the cyst? xx

  • thank you this illness is driving me insane and the doctors just don't to listen to me i said it wasn't the tramadol as been using them for a while

  • I was put on amitriptyline for chronic headaches 2 years and it did actually work. I didn't get now an old anti depressant could stop pain. I think it because it trains your brain into thinking you don't have pain.

  • thank you just never heard of it before and was a little worried as i don't like taking all this medication

  • I was the same as you. It made me really sleepy when I got up for a couple of hours like I hadn't sleep. But that didn't last long.

  • i was told to take them at night before i go to bed the only problem i have is they are making my mouth really dry but they are not doing anything for me at the moment how long was if before you noticed a difference if you don't mind me asking

  • I took them to help prevent migraine. But I only took 10mg every night. They do make you sleepy. But I found they gave me jittery legs and arms (I couldn't stop moving my legs and arms) very annoying. I don't take them any more.

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