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unexplained rectal bleeding during period...dont see the point in going to A and E after last time...lets hope its not serious ;)

Feeling a bit apprehensive at the moment, following increasing difficulties passing stools and increasing bowel pain (and a history of this), im on my period and passed a lot of blood from my bowels today, and i dont mean with a bowel movement. i mean im just bleeding for no reason from my bowel. Bit scared as the time this happened i collapsed and ended up needing two emergency blood transfusions, surgery (though to this day no one will tell me what happened in theatre) and was in hospital for a week. im worried, but i dont see the point in going to a and e as the bleeding was much worse last time and despite passing blood every few minutes last time and despite being directly admitted to the ward (it was only 3 days after a surgery) they left me for 8 hours sat in a chair waiting to be seen until i passed out and woke up with tubes everywhere coming out of me. spent a further two days with what i can only describe as a giant nappy and regularly using the bed pan (so humiliating) continuing to bleed for 2 days until they decided i should be taken back into theatre. i just wonder whats the point in asking for help when this is the response. the bleeding stopped after theatre last time although they claim they found nothing did nothing. it magically stopped. to this day its unexplained 3 years later but now im worried again. i have a GP appointment tommorow so hopefully nothing bad happens before then. I really need to see someone who cares enough to find out why this is happening to me. Thank you to all the girls for the recommendations for local private consultants. looks like i need to get onto this sooner rather than later...its so hard trying to sort all this out when work are on my back piling the work on and not remotely sympathetic. if i tell you my boss called me in hospital to tell me if i wasnt back in X number of days she would dock my pay and suspsend my job...it seems that no one (apart from my family and you lovely ladies) is at all supportive. my friends are to some extent but they dont really understand because they see me still living my life even though im struggling. i still work and im studying. they dont know how i do it. i dont know how i do it...i often think i cant keep doing this. i really hope it gets easier. does anyone else actually have bowel bleeding? it just strikes me that its something to be really concerned about and yet my GP and consultant are not...? i know this is kind of related to my previous post on the bowel, but now im bleeding im more concerned than ever...why are there so many medical professionals that just dont care?? it makes me really sad when i read everyone s stories and so many of us are going through this.

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Hello.. once again!

If I were you I would book ASAP a consultation with any of these doctors we recommended for you.

You need to sort this as soon as possible hun. Unfortunately there are so many docs that they are ignorant etc. We have all been there, I still remember the sarcastic and arrogant look of my first gynae when I was saying that something is wrong and I'm still in pain, straight after my lap. He was saying that everything is in my head until I got 2nd and 3rd opinion and found out that he lelft endo untreated that he didnt bother to tell me or he didnt see it at all! 2nd lap in 6 days time now :/

As for your job is against the law to fire you because of medical issues and whoever is doing this to you they should think twice.

Please call a good specialist and sort it, you need to be as healthy as possible and to get your life back.

Jo xx


hi jo :) ya i know, i appreciate ive been ranting a lot the past few days ;) its just so nice to have someone to talk to who actually understands. ive just woken up after 5 hours sleep and feeling a bit better.will definitely try and see someone soon. ive had so many responses its been brilliant:) got to decide now who to choose :) really glad i stumbled across this forum :) and ya in terms of my boss, its complicated but i have sought legal advice about my contract and youre right that they cant fire me but they can put me on indefinite leave until they judge i am fit to come back and thats what worries me because a) that leave is unpaid, and b) its up to them not me to decide when im ready to come back. i will be fully qualified hopefully by the end of next year as my job centres on training in relation to my studies, so i just have to hang on til then. after that im sure i will get all my entitlements and it will be less daunting, but i dont think these trainee programs have much support in that respect. you dont get sick leave etc unfortunately. anywayyyyyyyyys. its going to be a take out and tv night. probably not very healthy but its what i need right now:) thanks again hun:) xxx


Hi i have the exact same prob as you i have fibriods and endr and like you i bleed through my tail end only when i have a periods i have scans to make sure there nothing nasty going inside all came back as nowt wrong on Doc did say cos i bleed so much the blood is escaping through the back passage ask your doc or cons to refer you as its your right to get a second opinion like me its not a nice thing to go through and it does make you scared its alright for the docs are not going through what you are usually its a man what the hell do they know what us women go through each month as for your job thats not right either i hope things get better soon for you xx


Hi there! Poor you! I don't know how u do it either! I don't have any bp bleeding but sympathise with u so much! Agree with other ladies that your health is paramount and you should defo get private consult with specialist ASAP! You are right, a&e poss not equipped to deal with such complicated matter, although u should be referred to someone who can! Reading all these blogs has made me truly appreciate that my gynae consult is fabulous! I really hope u can get the help and answers you need. In the meantime I'm sending u some big hugs, let us know how u get on :) Tracie xxxxxxx


Hope you get this sorted soon, we are all thinking of you xxxxx


hi girls:)

@hellsbells, thank you for your kind words:) im sorry to hear that you are having similar problems :( its so hard sometimes right? btw what is fibroids? is it endo related? i think the rectal bleeding is the worst symptom caus it looks so dramatic lol. and i agree its so annoying that there are so few gynae and GP women. my gynae recently said something along the lines of "i know how you feel" and the nurse blasted him that he could not possibly haha.

@princesst36- thanks for your nice message:) im working on sorting the private consultation soon hopefully. im glad to hear you have a good gynae:) there are so many difficult stories as you say, it starts to make you wonder if there are any good ones out there, but you and others have made me feel better that there are:) i just need to be pro active:)

@spice47- thank you :) xx


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