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Ended up in A&E last night after nearly passing out and passing big blood clots!!

So I was treated on Thursday for a water infection and given antibiotics and was told that this could effect the effectiveness of my pill (Yasmin) which it clearly did! I was at work when I come on my period which was the mother of all periods!!! I was serving a customer when my eyes went fuzzy and i was clamming up! I ran to the toilet where I passed 4 big blood clots!! Was in agony and to top it all off I then was in no fit state to go to London for a friends birthday!! I went to A&E where they gave me mefenamic acid tablets! Just wondering how many of you ladies have taken these? Xx

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Aww you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. (((Hugs)))

I've taken them but I didn't get on with them. I had nosebleeds, increased stomach pain, increased bleeding from the back passage, and chest pain. If you are not allergic to ibuprofen you can take them. Everyone is different though.xx


Personally I would transexamic acid for that amount of blood loss.


Hi I got both tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid, the tranexamic is only for 4 days its to help with heavy bleeding, the mefenamic is for pain and inflammation, I am still on the mefenamic acid and I must say I think it really helps with taking the edge off

Hope you feel better soon xx


Bless ya. Hope your feeling better x


God love you,its very frightening to go through this especially when d clots are so large....hav been on mefenamic tablets on numerous of occasions and I always found that it defo helped n had no side effects wotsoever....hope u feel better soon xx


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